Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven: People always disappoint.

Chapter Eleven: People always disappoint

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Paul's POV

Okay so I told her. And she didn't freak out. Well a lot. So why am I freaking out? I walked into Emily's house. I sat at the table.

"Paul, are you okay?" Emily asked.

"I'm fine, why?" I asked.

"You haven't touched your food." Everyone was now staring at me.

"I told Artemis." I stated.

"About?" Embry asked.

"About imprinting, idiot." I snapped.

"And how did it go?" Sam asked.

"Good." I said.

"Good?" Jared asked.

"Well, she didn't run for the hills. And we're friends." I said. I don't know what to do. I mean it seems fine but did she seem fine? Yeah? No? She was kind of freaked out. "She kind of freaked out."

"Okay?" Sam asked, confused.

"It's just she's my imprint and I'm kind of freaking out that she freaked out and I don't freak out. I get angry, that's my thing but I'm freaking out and I don't know what to do because what if she's so freaked out she goes back to wherever she was before she came here. And I'm left alone." Sam chuckled.

"That's just the imprint bond. She's probably confused and her defenses came up and you feel it because she's an imprint." Sam stated.

"Okay." I then stood from the table and walked outside. I took a deep sigh and watched the sunset.

Artemis's POV

I sat on my balcony and watched the sunset. It was beautiful. And it was familiar. It never quite changed. It didn't leave. I could watch the colors blend every day.

I calmed down a lot since the talk with Jasper. I'm not ready for a relationship again. And Paul never pushed me to have one. I was so freaked out that he would leave.

And I can't handle someone leaving me again. I won't make it. They always break me. They always chose that someone's better. And I finally decided not to get attached and then Paul comes and he wrecks all my plans.

The worst part though is the fact I let him. I let him and I'm not even mad about it. I hopped down off the railing and walked back inside this room.

Is it my room? It doesn't feel like it. I walked down the stairs. Of course Bella had to be here. This girl really tried my patience. I mean she's lucky I haven't tore open her pretty little neck.

"Where's Emmett?" I asked Edward, seeing as he's the only one I can find.

"He's where the fight is going to take place." I sighed.

"Okay." I started to walk off.

"Why do you do that?" Bella asked.

"Do what?" I asked.

"Bella." Edward warned.

"Act cold, towards everyone." She spat.

"Let's recount what I have to be warm about. I was kidnapped and made into a monster to be a weapon. My parents were murdered and then they threatened my brother. And then my brother was killed in front of my eyes. So I became the monster they made me. I then met Carlisle years later. Then I met Edward. We fell in love and got married. Well I did. Then he left me for you. I don't feel welcomed in my own home. So yeah I may be a little cold but you, Isabella Swan put me here!" I snapped. I sighed. She flinched.

"I have nothing to be warm about. I have barely anyone as it is but they would always choose Edward over me they always have. So I suck it up. So I watch as he loves you. And I sit here and I take it. And I try to understand why he left me for you, but frankly I don't see what I'm caring about." I stated.

"Artemis!" Edward warned.

"I just don't get it. Why is she so special? What makes her so important?" I yelled.

"She's everything you're not." He sneered. "She is warm and caring. She is beautiful inside and out. She was not damaged."

"Yeah, because 100,000 years of pure torcher and always losing everyone you care for gives you scars! You don't get to call me damaged when you help add the bruises and the scars!" I shouted.

"Aren't you tired of being a lonely miserable monster?" Bella asked.

"People will always disappoint you. People will always find someone better. People will always leave." I stated. I walked up the stairs. I walked into my room. I shut the door, I slid down the door placing my head into my hands.

Why can't people just understand? I'm broken. 

This was just a filler chapter.

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