Chapter Thirty-One

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Chapter Thirty-One: Forgive, never forget.

	It's been a few months since the triplets were born

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It's been a few months since the triplets were born. They grew so fast. They look around 5 years old. We moved into a cabin at the border line, in between the pack and my family.

"Get dressed." Paul told the kids as he walked by the couch they were sitting on.

"Why, Daddy?" Daliah asked. I laughed quietly as Paul picked her up, earning a giggle from the small blonde.

"We are going to go play in the snow with Renesmee." Paul stated. Daliah cheered before grabbing both of her siblings and teleporting upstairs. I didn't have an issue with Renesmee, she was lovely. And the triplets didn't really have anyone else to play with. Me and Bella just ignored each other for the most part, only talking about the kids. It was a system that worked.

"I'm never gonna get used to that." Paul sighed as he sat next to me on the loveseat.

"Of course you will." I said as I kissed his cheek softly.

"You should probably get dressed." Paul stated. I laughed lightly.

"Paul, I'm a 100 thousand year old immortal vampire, I don't think I'll get a cold." Paul scrunched up his face, rolling his eyes in a playful manner. "I'll tell you what I'll put on a coat if it makes you feel better." Paul nodded and kissed my lips.

"It would make me feel better, thank you." I stood from the couch and grabbed his coat and wrapped it around me.

"Better?" I asked, an amused smile on my face. Paul laughed but nodded. Three sets of footsteps pounded down the stairs.

"Ready?" Paul asked as he stood from the loveseat.

"Yes!" They all shouted. I picked Emilia up and placed her on my hip. Paul walked outside and shifted in the backyard. I helped Apollo on Paul's back. Daliah had teleported to sit on Paul's back as well.

"Race?" Apollo asked. I nodded.

"Be prepared to lose." Emilia stated. I laughed.

"Ready set go!" Apollo counted down.


"I won." I stated, as I stopped right before Paul. The wolf shook his head as Apollo and Daliah climbed off of his back. I placed Emilia down next to them.

"Go on." I told them as I gestured to Renesmee catching snowflakes. They all ran over to Renesmee. I smiled as I watched them play. Paul and I walked closer to Jacob and Bella who stood watching the kids.

We stood in silence for a while. Bella paused and turned towards me.

"I should have said this a lot earlier, but I'm sorry. I am so sorry. I don't expect you to forgive me. What I did sucked. I realize that now and I should have realized it a lot sooner. I just think I should at least apologize since we're gonna see a lot more of each other. I treated you unfairly because I was jealous, which I can admit now. That is not an excuse in any way. I treated you like dirt because I saw you as this confident beautiful person and I was a clumsy horrible person filled with mommy issues and an obsession with vampires. And I know that doesn't make it better. So I'm sorry and I hope one day in the future we can move past this." Bella stated.

"I forgive you." Bella's face was filled with shock. "This doesn't mean we're gonna be best friends, but we're mothers now, there is no need to be hung up over the past. So I forgive you. I won't forget but I forgive you." I stated. Bella sent me a small smile before looking back at the kids.

"They are very beautiful." I looked towards her. "Your kids. They're kind too."

"Renesmee is beautiful too, she's very sweet." I stated. We fell back into silence, it was comfortable.


"Mommy!" My kids called as they ran to me. I saw blonde hair in the mountains.

"Irina!" Bella shouted. Bella ran off after her as I stayed with the kids.

"She's scary." Renesmee voices quietly. I crouched down in front of all four kids.

"Yeah but she's family. So don't you worry." I told them. Bella came back with a confused look on her face.

"She ran away." Bella stated.

"It was probably Paul." I joked. "Why don't we head back to Grampa's house and have some hot coco?" The triplet nodded. I placed all three of them on Paul's back. 

I wanted to kind of redeem Bella, in a way. Show that she realized what she did was wrong. I was gonna have more chapters between the last chapter and this one, but that just stressed me out and made me not want to write this story so I scrapped that idea. I hope you enjoyed this. 

We are also about to get more into Breaking Dawn pt 2.

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