Chapter Four

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Chapter Four: Conversations

Chapter Four: Conversations

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Paul's POV

I shifted back and walked into Sam's and Emily's. What was I supposed to do? She's my imprint, yet I never wanted an imprint.

"You just had to imprint on a leech." Jake snapped at me.

"You watch your mouth." I seethed in his face.

"What are you going to do?" He asked.

"I'll wire your jaw shut." I growled.

"Yeah?" He asked,

"Yeah," I was getting ready to say more but Sam interrupted.

"Stop! Both of you." I glared at Jacob before going to sit at the table. "Now, vampire or not she is an imprint."

"But she is a bloodsucking leech." I had enough. I punched him in the face.

"I dare you to say it again, I dare you."

"She's a leech, that's what she is, that's what she'll always be." I tackled him. We tumbled to the floor. Before I could land another punch I was yanked off ny Jared. My body was shaking.

"Calm down Paul!" Sam yelled. Not wanting to hurt Emily I cooled. "Now as I was saying she is an imprint. She was chosen to be Paul's imprint meaning the spirits chose her. I don't want to hear any of you insult the girl. She is an imprint and will be treated as such. If any of you have a problem then you deal with me."

"I do have to talk with the elders about it. Like if it will change the treaty in any way." Sam stated.

I sat back down at the table. They all just stared. I get the guy who hates rules, vampires, and the idea of imprinting just imprinted on a vampire. I stand from table before going outside to shift.

I ran through the forest. The grass beneath my paws was slightly wet from the rain. The wind in my fur felt nice.

That's when I smelled something. It was sweet, it smelled like chocolate covered strawberries.

I started to run towards that smell. I had to. My body just carried me. I don't think I could have stopped if I wanted to.

I stopped at the border. I needed to go further. Just a little further. I whined softly before laying down on the cold grass.

I heard a twig snap. Someone came out from behind some trees. It was her. It was Artemis? That's what the doc called her.

"You're the wolf from earlier." I looked down. I had hurt my imprint. She was scared of me. "I like your fur color. I think it's nice." Her voice was so soft and light when she spoke.

She sat down on a fallen log. "I'm Artemis." She then chuckled slightly. "But you already knew that." I bark out a laugh. She looked around. "Come on over." I shook my head.

"No one else is here, and plus I give you permission." I shook my head again. The treaty.

"Is it about the treaty?" I nod. "No ones going to know. I would just rather talk if you weren't so far away." I made the jump to their side. It felt weird. I laid down next to the fallen log.

"I like it out here. I always dreamed of going over there." She pointed towards La Push. "It's beautiful. The leaves seem bright. The trees seem healthier. I don't know much about your tribe but I like to think it's the past spirits making it so beautiful." I liked to think that too.

"I already hate Bella enough, it sucks she gets to see it as much as she wants." I looked at her slightly confused as to why she hated the leech lover. Vampire lover? Seeing the confusion she continued.

"I was married to Edward for 68 years until she came along." I didn't like the mention of her being with someone else. "Honestly, I think the part that hurt the most was that he left me for her. That he chose her. Not that he loved someone else. And not that didn't love me like a husband should." I looked at her. "I should have known that it would happen. Everything is always taken from me sooner or later. I just thought it would have been different."

Tears filled her eyes. "And here I am talking to some random wolf-man." She chuckled. "I feel like it's always easier to talk to someone you don't know. I don't want to talk to my family because they wouldn't understand. They all have mates, I don't even know if I have one out there." I'm right here, I was ready. Yet I don't think she is, so I'll just listen for now.

"I need someone who can hate Edward and Bella. With every bone of their body. Someone I can complain to and not feel like I'm somehow putting a wedge in their relationship with them." I barked.

"You can be that person?" I nodded.

"Good," She smiled. That smile just about killed me. She was perfect. All these thoughts about not wanting an imprint washed away. I can't live without her. And even for the rest of our lives I'll listen to her complain about everything. Whatever made her happy. 

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