04 (GAY)

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Aiden Hill (Top)
Y/N Collins (Bottom)

11:30 a.m. ...in the school cafeteria...

Aiden didn't like this.

Aiden didn't wanted this.

But he couldn't do anything and watch helplessly as he watched his love of 10 years happily trying to confess to someone else.

That's right. Poor Aiden has been in love with his childhood friend Y/N for as long as he could remember. But never for once did he mustered up the courage to confess him his feelings...thinking it will affect their friendship. And now...

He totally regretted it.

Aiden was sitting silently on one of the empty table in the bustling cafeteria and was staring intensely at the table right in front of him. There at the table sat Landon Evans...the most popular boy of the school. And next to him sat his oh-so-cool group of friends...whom Aiden could have sweared were the most horrible bunch of people to be exited.

And lastly, his eyes landed on Y/N...the person with whom he is madly in love with...but seeing him blush and happily smile in someone else's...let alone another boy's direction, boiled Aiden's blood to no extent. So he did what he can do best...silently and desperately praying in his heart that Landon would reject Y/N's feelings.

But by looking at the growing blush on Y/N's face and his brightening smile...Aiden knew his prayers were not answered. Sighing in defeat and frustration, Aiden was about to go out of the cafeteria...when his eyes landed on one of Landon's friend Mike. The way Mike was eyeing his precious angel like Y/N with lust filled eyes and licking his lips...almost made Aiden jump out of his seat and beat him so nicely that he doesn't come out of bed for 3 weeks straight.

Don't get Aiden wrong...he was not naturally a fighter...but if anything concerned his precious Y/N...Aiden is ready to fight anything or anyone down the road. And so Mike is no less.

But Aiden tried to calm his raging nerves down because he knew if he did anything to Mike, this might affect Y/N's and Landon's relation...oh how badly he wanted to do this...but he couldn't bring himself to hurt Y/N in any possible way...even if it meant strangling the throat of his own feelings.

Thinking this Aiden hesitantly but still burning daggers in that a**hole Mike's direction, quietly sat down back on his seat. He closed his eyes for sometime, taking deep inhale and exhale of breaths to calm himself down meanwhile clenching his fists tightly on the table in front of him.

When he heard a soft chuckling sound, Aiden immediately opened his eyes and found Y/N bidding Landon and his friends goodbye before he started coming back in Aiden's direction. Aiden's eyes followed each and every movement of his childhood best friend...and just for a moment Aiden forgot everything about Landon, his jerk friends and everyone else present there. It was just him and Y/N there in that moment. But suddenly his eyes moved back to Mike, and luckily he was able to catch his signature lust filled smirk looking down at Y/N's hips.

Aiden frowned looking at him but didn't got the chance to do anything about this as right at that moment Y/N sat beside him with his cheeks still blushing a deep red and his eyes wide with joy. Aiden smiled sadly looking at him but quickly replaced it with a neutral face when Y/N turned his face towards Aiden. And before Y/N could say something, he was interrupted by his best friend.

Aiden :
So how did it go?

Aiden asked in a monotone voice to which Y/N blushed and squealed before covering his face with his cute small hands out of shyness. Aiden had to stop himself from ripping away those hands and kiss him deeply on the lips as he somehow managed to maintain his expressionless stature. He gave a small smirk before continuing.

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