12 (GAY)

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Patrick Jones (Top)
Y/N Watson (Bottom)

*This is a sequel to 10 (GAY) Oneshot story....if you want to understand this story better...i suggest you read that oneshot first*

*Next Morning*

Y/N woke up quite early than his regular time...as his brain was unable to rest after last night's events.

No matter how much he wanted to put the fast beating of his heart aside and fall into a deep slumber...his body won't allow it as it continuously kept on reminding him the taste of Patrick's lips.

Y/N :

Y/N groaned for the umpteenth time today since he woke up and once again tossed restlessly side to side on his small single size bed. He tried to close his eyes and focus his mind on something else.....but all he can see behind his closed eyes was the look of desperation and earnest longing on Patrick's face. The way his dark hair would fall over his eyelashes slightly...gave him an alluring aura. And how he would occasionally lick his bottom lip when they parted to regain their breathing...all drove Y/N crazy for some unknown reason.

Feeling defeated, Y/N threw the covers off himself and quickly went towards the attached bathroom to wash his face.

He opened the tap and gently splashed cold water all over his burning face many times...and after a minute or so he closed the tap and took a clean towel from beside the mirror, lightly patting his face with it before leaving it near the sink only and going inside the shower to take a bath.

*15 minutes later*

Y/N emerged from inside the bathroom with a clean towel wrapped around his waist and he slowly went towards his wardrobe to take out some casual pair of clothes. When suddenly....

*Knock Knock*

There was a small knock on his door. Y/N furrowed his brows in confusion as usually at this time none of the people from the vampire hunter groups are awake, except for some maids. He closed his wardrobe gently and was about to go to open the door when the person on the other side of it spoke up.

Amy :
Y/N! It's me Amy. It's an emergency!

Y/N :

Thinking to himself, he quickly opened the door and let Amy inside his room. When he turned around after closing the door, he saw that his friend was looking a lot more serious and also slightly nervous than usual.

Seeing her serious demeanor, Y/N also became a little worried and taking a small gulp of saliva called out to her in a low voice.

Y/N :
Amy...whats wrong? You look a little tensed about something.

Amy momentarily closed her eyes for a few seconds and took a long deep breath before opening them again and looking straight at Y/N with a serious expression.

Amy :
Y/N just...just don't panic okay?

Y/N :
What do you mean? I-is everything alright?

Amy :
Actually...Father Perez just got a report from some local farmers that a large number of hybrid vampires are killing innocent children for their blood.

Y/N :
W-what? But when did he-

Amy :
He got the news today in the morning itself. The farmer came injured...as he was protecting his daughter from getting bitten. When Father Perez got the news...he immediately ordered all the maids to wake us up....thats why I came to wake you up after seeing the commotion.

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