14 (GAY)

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Benjamin Rivers (Top)
Y/N Lewis (Bottom)

*12:30 p.m.*

The cafeteria was filled with the chatter of incoming students, who were desperate for a freshly brewed cup of coffee and some snacks.

And among these students, was one young man, named Benjamin who was already seated at one of the corner tables sighing continuously, as he was lost in his own little thoughts.

He was stirring the spoon in his now cold coffee without any particular reason as the side of his face rested on the palm of his hand at the circular table.


Benjamin :

The sound of a small thud made him gasp a bit loudly than he actually intended and he quickly turned his face upwards to see the quirked eyebrows of his two best friends...Colton and Aurora.

He grumbled lowly before huffing in slight annoyance when they chuckled seeing his startled face.

Colton :
Ben dude...why do you look so scared seeing us? Are we that terrible looking?

Benjamin just rolled his eyes before he focused his gaze on his now cold coffee.

Benjamin :
Anyone would be sca- startled...if you made such loud noises while putting your items on the table like that.

Colton :
Whaat? But it was just a small sound. Barely audible to anyone. Right Aurora?

The girl with shoulder length hazel hair replied with a low hum before she smiled sweetly at the quiet boy, who was currently avoiding their gazes at him.

Aurora :
I think...Ben is thinking about something...oh sorry...about somebody. Isn't it Benjamin?

The boy Benjamin gave an awkward cough at her question before his ears and cheeks slowly started to turn red out of embarrassment.

And seeing his reaction, his friend Colton widened his eyes slightly before he whistled teasingly and asked in a joking manner.

Colton :
Wooho! So our best friend finally got himself a girlfriend huh? Damn Benjamin...why didn't you said so before dude?

A low kick at the side of his leg had Colton turn his head in that direction and he saw that Aurora was staring warningly at him. At first Colton furrowed his brows in confusion before his eyes widened once again in realisation as he quickly faced his best friend in a apologetic manner.

Colton :
S-sorry Benjamin...i completely forgot that you l-like guys more than girls. Really sorry Ben.

Benjamin just sighed at his apology before replying with a small smile to him.

Benjamin :
It's okay Colton....i was the one who pretended for a long time that i liked girls like that to you two. So need for sorry.

He gently patted Colton's hand which was resting on the table and Colton replied to him with a small smile of his own.

Benjamin :
As for Aurora your question....yes you are completely right. I was indeed thinking about someone.

Hearing her assumptions being correct, Aurora smiled a bright smile as she leaned forwards on the table to ask Benjamin in a low whisper.

Aurora :
And who is this charming person again...who managed to capture my best friend's heart like this hmm?

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