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I thank each one of you wholeheartedly for expressing your love for my book. 😭

I know I keep asking you all to share my book with your friends and such...but i am still unable to believe that i would receive so much support from you an amateur writer. And the current number of reads and likes on this book shows that how much you all appreciate me writing it...therefore in order to show MY gratitude towards you all...i will be doing a face reveal once I reach 5000 reads on my book.

I know it is a far fetched dream right now...but hey I was not expecting to write a oneshots book in the first place...and look here I am... 😌😘

Therefore for now I will just ask you all to keep reading my stories and sharing it with your friends for more encouragement and support. And until then...take care of yourself and THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!!! 💜💜💜

- Tina Mehra🌻

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