08 (GAY)

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Liam Robinson (Top)
Y/N Stewart (Bottom)

6:45 p.m.

Y/N was desperately trying to make his tie look presentable for the 15th attempt today...

But sadly...it didn't worked.

He groaned loudly looking in the mirror before undoing the whole tie once again and throwing it on the bed harshly in visible anger.

Y/N :
*Stupid tie! *

He went towards his wardrobe and chose a plain black shirt and a pair of black fitted jeans along with a navy blue blazer to go with them.

He quickly undressed himself of the white button shirt and changed into the plain black shirt. He did the same thing with his cream coloured trousers and switched them with the black fitted jeans before throwing both the removed button shirt and cream trousers on the bed, beside the tie.

After that, he picked up his navy blue blazer from the stool near the wardrobe and put it on, giving it a few light tugs on the collar to adjust any possible crease.

* Ring Ring *

Just then his phone started ringing from the bedside table and he went towards the table in order to pick it up. When he saw the name of the person calling him, he gave a small smile to himself before answering in a happy voice.

Y/N :
Hey Noah! What's up?

Noah :
What's up? You are asking me what's up?! You do remember today is my engagement party right?

Y/N just rolled his eyes in a playful manner, even though Noah couldn't see him through the call.

Y/N :
Yes yes Noah I remember. Don't worry I am almost on my way to the venue.

Noah :
Thank god! I thought you forgot all about your best friend in front of the handsome sugar daddy you just met online.

Even though they were speaking on the phone, Y/N can still picture Noah's perfect smirk...which is probably plastered on his face right now.

He blushed a little hearing the word 'sugar daddy' before giving a small cough in order to regain his composure and spoke to his best friend in a light scolding manner.

Y/N :
Shut up Noah. He is not my s-sugar daddy okay? He is barely only a year or two older than me...and more importantly I just talk to him once or twice in a week.

Noah just gave a simple hum in reply, before shocking Y/N with his next spoken words.

Noah :
Oh really? Because I am pretty sure I heard you moan his name quite loudly last week...when I came to deliver the invitation. You were going like "ahh~ Julian...harder~" "please more...daddy ~"

Noah imitated his best friend's moans and tried to put extra emphasis on the word 'daddy' to prove his point from earlier to him before bursting out in laughter. On the other hand...

Y/N can only clutch his phone tightly in his hands as he listened to his best friend's laugh coming through the receiver and blushing like a madman, unable to utter any word.

After a while, when Noah's laugh subsided a little...Y/N, who was able to calm down his fast racing heart, finally spoke to him in a low, stuttering voice.

Y/N :
Y-you came to d-deliver the invitation y-yourself?

Noah just gave a small chuckle at his question before speaking in his usual cheerful voice.

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