𓅓ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ғɪᴠᴇ𓅓

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You stare out of the windows of your chambers with a bored look on your face.

The fact that you are not leaving your chamber is killing your joyous spirit slowly.

If you had your phone, then you wouldn't have felt this bored.

Your handmaidens were out buying your necessities from the finest clothing and materials.

The fact that you send a letter to Nazir to tell him that you were just testing him to see if he loves you truly puts you in a sour mood.

The only thing keeping you company is your new pet cat,  who is sleeping in your arms soundly.

You named him, Nile because his eyes are blue like the Nile river.

The Nile loves to always cuddle up to you, and even scratches at your handmaidens if they dare come closer to you.

Suddenly, you notice a handsome boy, about the same age as you, walking around in the garden holding a scroll in his hand.

He is wearing a short-haired wig, his skin is light, and his features are sharp, plus he has an upturned nose which added more to his beauty.

The stranger reminds you of your male classmates.

The way he is focusing on the scroll made you feel impressed.

However, you didn't want to spend your day in boredom.

So, what is better than tease the young man without him knowing that it was you.

You walk over to your bed and place Nile on it, before picking up the bowl of grapes from the table.

You head back to the window and without thinking start throwing down some grapes at the stranger.

You miss a few times, but finally, you hit him in the head.

When he finds the grapes on the ground, he picks them all up.

...and start eating them without hesitation.

Your mouth drops in shock at the scene, realizing that your trick backfired on you.

The moment he looks up at your window, you quickly hide, not wanting him to see you.

You wait a minute or two before looking again, which was a huge mistake. 

As he stood there, staring directly at you with his dark brown eyes which have glints of playfulness in them.

"Good evening, my princess," he says, smirking at you.

"Good evening to you too," you say loudly and in embarrassment at your childish behavior.

"Thank you for the grapes" his words made you blush deeply.

"You are welcome...my subject!" you say loudly.

The fact that you said those words made you want to throw yourself out the window and die.

He lets out a laugh making you feel happy that you were the cause of it...

...that you were the joke.

"Enjoying yourself, Neith?"

A voice says as you stare dreamily at your new love interest.


You snap out of your trance and quickly turn around to see your father looking at you.

"Who are you looking at?" Your eyes widen, realizing that Maathotep is going to walk to the window.

Panicking that the guy you just saw may end up having the same fate as the servant.

You do something unexpectedly and hug him tightly.

"Father, I wish to apologize for my behavior yesterday-"


The pharaoh pushes you away and walks towards the window to see who you were talking to.

But, finds no one there, standing in the garden.

Maathotep returns his sharp gaze back at you.

"Who were you talking to?"

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