•Season 1 Chapter 2- Playing with the Snow•

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|Season 1 Chapter 2 Started:|
|February 13, 2022 |
|Season 1 Chapter 2 Ended: |
|February 14, 2022 |
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"I believe that you now know that you have to tell us if you would be late to come home ok little girl?" Said the mother of Y/n. Y/n nodding her head.

"Then later I might be late again mama. After all me and my new friend will play after classes!" The little girl said with her eyes twinkling excited to play again with the boy she became friends with.

The mother and father sighed "Alright, alright just make sure to be safe and kick the balls of the ones who's gonna get you" said the father who laughed a little as the mother nodded and realizing what he said she nudged him in the arm with a glare as Y/n laughed.

As Y/n just finished eating lunch she left saying her goodbye to her mother since her father went to work already earlier.

Wearing her coat and boots first before she left her home.

Y/n closed the door and went to the playground. Her soft footsteps could be heard. The snow still there. Y/n looked around and saw her neighbour shoveling the snow with a shovel. The neighbour noticing the female waving at her. Y/m waved back with a smile and saw her neighbour continue shoveling with a angry face.

Y/n continued her way to the playground and as she go closer she saw the male poking the snow in a crouching position.

Y/n scooped the snow below her. Shaping it to a circle making it a snowball. She went quietly behind the male's back and threw the snowball with her all might.

The male felt something cold hit the back of his head as he lost his balance falling front face to the snow. He heard a familliar female's laughter behind him. He stood up removing the snow in his face and body as he smirked.

"Your on!" Shouted the male at the female who scooped another snow repeating the process she did earlier as she ran away as the male scooped a big snowball as he chased the girl. Throwing the snowball with all his might the girl dodged making the male furious.

Laughters echoed through the playground as the two were drenched with snow. Strangers sometimes watching them play earlier laughed at the two cute children.

"Haha... That was fun!" said the male as his laughs were stopping now satisfied with how much fun he had. He looked at the female who layed beside him. The snow beneath Y/n having an angel looking form since Y/n waved her hands and legs to make the snow angel.

The female looked at the male and gave him a big smile. The male's heart beating faster. He heared his heart thumping. Scared that the female might hear he instantly sitted up. The female copied the male, sitting up too.

"Hey let's make a snowman too!" said the female as she stood up. Giving an arm to the male, the male took he hand and stood up. Now both of them piling up the snow. Right now they have 1 big ball of the piled up snow. Making next a smaller version of the bigball of snow they worked on it.

Minutes later they finished making the three balls of snow making it look smaller to bigger if you look at it from the top to bottom.

The female took the pebbles and worked on putting the pebbles on the snowman's body and face. The male copying the female as they both worked on it now.

Still not satisfied with the outcome the male took his scarf and wrapped the scarf at the snowman's neck. The female's eyes lighting up.

"Wow it looks cool!" said the female who was smiling. Both of them satisfied now with how the snowman looks like they both high-fived each other. The male speaked.

"Good work today! Let's play again tomorrow!"

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