•Season 1 Chapter 3- Gloomy Rain•

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Season 1 Chapter 3 Started:|
|February 14, 2022 |
|Season 1 Chapter 3 Ended: |
|February 14, 2022 |
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(Short Chapter)

The sound of rain fell in the sky. The male sat near the window. He looked outside the window with a sad face. Not being able to see the female today made his day bad.

'Knock knock' From the door the sound of knocking came to male's ears. He looked at the door and looked back at the window.

"Come in." Said the male. Allowing the person behind the door enter. He heard the door open and be closed again.

"Young master. Your father told me that it's time for you to go the library. Your tutor is waiting for you. 5 minutes is left." said the maid as she bowed and left the bedroom of the male. The male sighed and looked at the clock. 3:55pm is at the clock.

The male started going to the library in their house. Arriving at the destination, he opened the door and saw the room filled with books.

The female staring outside the window as she drew in a random paper she found. She looked back at her drawing with a smile. There at the drawing is a male and a female holding hands. In the drawing the female is Y/n and the male is Xander. She colored her drawing with her s/c (skin color) and
h/c (hair color) . After coloring hers she colored Xander's, black hair and black eyes. She tapped her coloring pencil on the table as it made sounds.

She wondered what is Xander doing today and how he is. She hopes he didn't get a cold from last week's snow fight. She felt sad that she didn't get to see her friend today too. She laid her coloring pencil down at her desk and opened her door. Going down the stairs to the kitchen she opened her f/s (favorite snack).

Munching on the snack happily she opened the refrigerator and grabbed the water's container handle. She put the water first at the table and took a glass. She sat down and poured herself water and drank from it as she continued eating her snack. She muttered.

"I wonder how he is today."

The male just finished his tutor and muttered.

"I wonder how she is today. "

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