•Season 1 Chapter 10- The Return•

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|Season 1 Chapter 10 Started:|
|March 1, 2022 |
|Season 1 Chapter 10 Ended: |
|March 1, 2022 |
|Not Edited |
|Words of this Chapter: 330 |

|Season 1 Chapter 10 Started:||March 1, 2022 ||Season 1 Chapter 10 Ended: ||March 1, 2022 ||Not Edited ||Words of this Chapter: 330 |

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You tapped your fingers to your desk. You saw the door open and you were suprised to see Keith injured. You saw Xander stiffen up as you got up and went to Keith.

His face had a bruise and a lot of bandages patched on his once clean face. Your classnates saw this as they were curious to see why Keith was hurt.

"Hey what happened to you?!" You asked as you saw Keith look at Xander for a moment.

"... Just got into a fight with a certain someone." He said as he glared at Xander who glared back.

You looked at Xander and Keith as it seems something happened to them.

You had a eyebrow raised but Keith went to his seat as he rested on his arms.

You sat back beside Xander who seems to be in deep thought.

"What happened? You two looked like you fought but you don't have any bruises or anything?" You asked worriedly. He just shrugged and looked in front as he went back to be in deep thought.

You knee something was up but just pushed it to the back of your head as the teacher came in. It still bothered you but you just wrote down notes on your notebook.

The lesson was boring as usual with the teacher calling students to answer as you were called too. Luckily Xander helped you since he problem was hard. He gave you the answer as it was correct. You thanked him as he returned to be in deep thought once again.

You sighed at his actions. A new chapter awaits in your life to find out what happened to then.

You hoped it was not that bad as you looked at the board filled with the lesson as the teacher explained.

Let's just hope nothing goes for the worst...

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