•Season 1 Chapter 6- A 'new' friend? •

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|Season 1 Chapter 6 Started:|
|February 18, 2022 |
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|February 18, 2022 |
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(💀 I keep mistaking the povs since i accidentalky make the you to I. I'm sorry if there are mistakes please let me know if there are🧍‍♀️)

'Whoosh' A car passed the road as you and Xander are walking towards school. Yesterday Xander was oddly quiet.

Today is Tuesday and your already looking forward for it to be Friday and the weekend.

Arriving at school students around the campus are scattered around. Some laughing, talking, walking, studying, yawning, and more. You were tapped out of the blue in the shoulder making you flinch. You looked at the one who tapped your shoulder and saw the new student, Keith.

"Hey can you help me go to the teacher's staff room." said the blonde male as Xander saw him too with a annoyed face.

"You can ask someone else." said Xander coldly. Y/n looked at Xander in shock as Keith raised an eyebrow.

"Uh sure I can help you. Don't mind Xander here please forgive his actions. Let's go." You said as you walked forward.

Keith followed you. Xander even followed you too as your confused at his actions.

When you reached your destination Keith immediately went in without saying a goodbye or thank you. Xander scoffed as he took my hand and dragged me to our classroom.

"What's up with you? Your acting weird." you said as you sighed not knowing what's going through his head.

"I'm not acting weird. Also your too nice people will take advantage of it." said Xander as he shaked his hand in his black hair.

You sighed at him. He opened the classroom door and walked to your seats still holding hands. You noticed how his bigger hands completely hides your hands. You shaked the thought off as you both sat now letting your hand go.

5 minutes later a long brown haired, azure blue eyes lady came to the classroom. I don't really know her name but remember hearing her before. I remembered she was the one who said yesterday 'Oh please we know it's Xander'. (From previous chapter)

She smiled flirtingly at Xander who was busy staring at his hands.

"Hey Xander! Let's eat together at lunch!" said the female who was twirling her hair.

" I'm eating with Y/n later." said Xander as he didn't bother looking at the shocked female who has a hand on her mouth. She rolled her eyes at you. You rolled your eyes at her too. Her face looked angry as she tried to touch Xander's arm but Xander removed his arms from the desk.

"Who the hell are you to try to hold my hand." said Xander who was obviously frustrated at the stubborn woman in front of him.

"Thought you'd never ask sweetheart! My name's Angel but you can call me your ang-" she was suddenly cut off at the sound of thick papers being harshly placed at your desk.

"I believe the classroom is a place to study and not to flirt. Your too noisy poop head." said Keith who seemed to be fueling in anger as he was annoyed at the noisiness of the female.

"What... YOUR JUST JEALOUS YOUR NOT BEING FLIRTE-" She was cut off by a harsh slap on her cheek as you took your snack and ate while watching at the seen in front of you.

Xander looked at you and laughed a little since it looked like you were watching a movie scene while eating.

"Shut up woman. I don't care if your a woman since your too damn noisy." said Keith as he washed his hands with an aclohol in his pocket.

Angel was red because of embarassment and ran to her seat as she looked at you guys with a glare. You stopped eating and drank from your bottle. Your other classmates watched with an :0 face.

The teacher then went in as she talked about announcements. You stretched your body and continued listening. Today is certainly another eventful day.

'Lunch. Lunch. Lunch.' You thought as it was 1 minute left till lunch. Your classmates readying their money and some their packed lunches. The bell then rang as students began leaving.

"Hey class! The bell don't dismiss you I do!" said our english teacher. Some listened while others already left. You readied your wallet to buy food as Xander did the same too.

The english teacher then sighed and mumbled curses under his breath as he left.

Xander and you began to go to the cafeteria as it was filled with students. Today Xander's the one who's gonna line up as you wait seated. You tapped your fingers to the table as you felt another presence came. You looked up to see Angel walking up to you who was smirking at you.

She was about to speak when she tripped and fell her face to the floor. She immediately stood up and left. You laughed  a little at Angel who was embarassed the second time. Many saw what happened and some laughed too.

You heard a little laugh beside you as you looked at your side to see Keith who sat next to you. You then heard two trays placed the table. You saw Xander who had a raised eyebrow at the male beside you. You then gave your lunch money to Xander's hand catching him off guard.

"Take the money. Stop paying for mine." You said as you started eating. Beside you the male also started eating. Xander sighed and put the money in his wallet. He started eating too.

It seems like there's no more other seats so that's probably the reason why Keith sat here too. You felt a gaze at you and looked at around to see Angel glaring at you with her azure eyes. You sticked your tounge at her as her eyes widened and continued to glare at you.

Xander and Keith watched the interaction.

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