Birthday Surprises

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??? POV -

Before I knew it, my 3rd birthday had arrived. The year I would start training, but also keep my childhood. I loved learning, be it by books or by combat, I loved all of it. I had gotten over my birth parents' neglect, and no longer hold any source of feeling toward them. What's done is done. It's in the past and can no longer be fixed or changed. They made their choice, and I've made mine. 

I had received many gifts. The day of my birth was always celebrated at noon, while I wouldn't open my gifts till the ritual was started. My ancestors always came to tell me stories of the past, and teach me spells long forgotten. I would always open my gifts after they answered my questions or could write down the spells they taught in my grimoire. The first potter and perverel taught me how to make the wards, enchantments, etc, on it to make it connected to my blood. I wanted to have it be connected to the females of my new family. 

I learned this year that the potter and perverel lines have creature blood in them. Only the true heir/heiress may claim the true houses, and, to the surprise of many, claim the throne. Only a true heir/heiress may claim the throne if proven worthy/chosen. After the 75th generation, many of the true heirs/heiresses either decline the rite or were not chosen. They believe I am the chosen queen that will save our family from ruin. 

They also informed me of a long-forgotten prophecy of the potter clan. Many heads believed it, except James. He was told of the prophecy since he was young but never thought it to be true. His thinking was if it has been in the family since the 40th generation, and has never come to pass. Why believe it to be true when it has been proven false? That is because Charlus Flemont Potter never trusted James' actions and beliefs since he started Hogwarts. His belief that dark is evil, and light is good mentality meant he wasn't fit to be lord of the house. So, he made arrangements with the goblins at Gringotts, along with the wills and arrangements from the past Heads, that should he ever cast out, disown, or neglect his firstborn, he and his wife are to be removed from the tapestry and family roster. Thus, his family of no names will only have the money from his job as an aroura. Meaning since the day he left me to my own devices, he has lost all rights of the potter lineage. The only reason he was allowed to stay at the manor was because of my naive thoughts that one day they would love me. safe to say they no longer live there or any other properties I now own. 

After a mild history lesson and magic lessons, I proceeded to open my gifts. Mama gave me a circlet. It would protect me from compulsions, spells, bonds, and mental attacks. It was charmed to grow with me no matter when I wore it. She braided my hair back before placing it on my head. I felt at peace, safe, and warm while wearing it. Since I got it, I never took it off unless I was bathing or going to sleep. No one can take it off unless they are family. It is also enchanted for thieves, they won't/can't lift nor touch it. If they try to lift, slide or levitate it, it will be weighed down or cancel the spells directed at it. If lost, will return on head within 2 minutes.

 If lost, will return on head within 2 minutes

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Papa got me an enchanted bow and quiver. The quiver is enchanted to never run out of arrows and always return to me if stolen or lost. The bow is enchanted with anti-theft, and growth charms to allow it to always be the perfect size for me while growing up. It also has an unbreakable charm and is fire resistant. 

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