The Duel

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Amaryllis POV-

During a duel between a female and a male, the hair and face must be shown. I get dressed in a black dragon hide duelling attire. It was a 3-piece. A crop top/sports bra top/ Cropped sleeves that wear held in place around my neck. Finally, a high-waisted long skirt with slits on the sides for better movement. The slits reached the base of my butt, showing black stockings that reached mid-thigh. I wore my combat heels to complete the look.

Mama did my hair while placing securing my crown, heirship pieces and weapons on my person. It was tradition for the mother to ready her daughter for battle. Looking at the clock, I notice it is almost time. Daddy and papa would bless me at the place of the duel. My friends and guards walk behind me as I walk the halls with my mother leading me. Music has been playing the entire day in preparation for the duel. This would be the first one since the time of the 15th headmaster.

I wait at the top of the main staircase waiting for my song to start for my entrance. Soon it started.

I held my head up high as I sing along with the song. The people and students on the sides are silent as I descend the stairs. The people make way for us as we exit the castle doors. My fathers watched me proudly walk toward them.

"Here I am!" I sang before kneeling before my fathers as they begin the blessings. Once finished I stand, giving them one final hug, I enter the arena. The entrances of each dueler were projected to the people inside. The people roared as I make my way to the middle to meet the slanderer.

" Are both Duelers ready?" the Procter asked.

"Yes," we spoke.

"Duelers bow!" I bow slightly while he doesn't budge.

"Heir flint Duels without honour!" The Procter yells. The crowd yells in fury. To fight without honour means you just forfeited your life to the other in the duel. I sneer at him. He just gave me a right to kill him with no mercy.

"Duelers turn, on my mark you walk 10 spaces! Wands and weapons out!" I unsheathed my sword and wand. Times like this I love being ambidextrous.

"1" we start walking, I prepare my magic and stance.

"2" I clear my mind.

"3" I take deep breaths.

"4" I close my eyes.

"5" I block out the noise of the crowd.

"6" Focus on your surroundings and opponent. Not everyone fights fair.

"7" Breathe

"8" Don't get cocky. Mistakes happen to those who are arrogant.

"9" one more.

"10! Fight!" I open my eyes before jumping over the spell shot at me. I duck, dodge, leap, and run closer to him slowly. Deflecting and shooting my spell chains.

"Bombarda!" He yells.

"Protego Maxima!" I shout. The explosion is absorbed by the glowing blue dome. He stood in shock, I take this chance to swipe at him with my sword. He barely blocks it with his own. I knock his wand out of his hand as I keep him defending. I duck under a swing to the throat, swiping at his legs. He jumps back creating some distance between us while also allowing him to reach his wand.

I run at him as he tries to go for it. I throw one of my daggers at him, impaling his right hand. He screams out in pain, dropping his sword to clutch his leading appendage.

"You bitch! I'll kill you for this!" He yells out before swiftly turning to swipe at me with my dagger. I leap back after dodging the first swipe at my throat. What is with him and going for the throat?

I wiped some sweat from my face as I smirk at him. He was easy to rile up. He barely knows how to use weapons.

"You know you're pathetic. Such big words you said during the past 4 days. Where did all the spunk go? If you can't back up your words, ten don't slander a person of the greater station than you!" I say before kicking the dagger and wand from him. He tried to punch me in the face. I sidestep him while slicing his hand off. I swing my sword to rid the blood off it. I hear him cry out while clutching his stub with his injured hand. He was pathetic. I look where his parents stood. I can see worry and sadness in his mother, but his father looks angered and disgusted. I turn and walk in front of him. I place my sword above his nape.

"If you apologise, and become my servant, I will allow you to live. If not you forfeit your life!" I yell. I watch him tremble.

"If you serve me you are under my protection. your father can not harm you. You would be mine. I protect those who are mine and serve under me. Anything your father has done to you and your mother would see justice." I say quietly for only him to hear. I see hope shine in his eyes as I spoke to him.

"I apologise your highness. I yield and willingly serve. I do not deserve to live for the treason I spoke and did." He said while lowering his head to the ground.

"Very well. Do you, Marcus Flint, swear to be my humble servant? To do what is asked of you without question? To always follow my commands? To come to my aid when called for?" I spoke gently. A golden circle surrounded us as I held his stump with my left hand. The magic condensed around us as a golden thread shot out of his stump twisting around my hand.

"I, Marcus Flint, hear by swearing to be Her highness Amaryllis Miabella Machiko Snape Prince Potter Lefay Emerys Pendragon Ashwood Mystic Morningstar Perverell Magik Morte Gaia Fatum Lourdes Tempest Formositas Vita Chaos Malum Fayanna Arahaelil, humble servant till the death of my line. To do what is asked of me without question. To follow her commands and her alone. To come when called to aid. So, Mote, It Be." He spoke. His eyes glazed over when he spoke my name.

"I accept your oath, So I say So mote It be!" With a burst of magic, a golden shackle imprinted on his throat as his hands healed and regrown. His clothes changed into a twin-tailed suit worn by butlers. All sweat and blood were nowhere to be seen.

I smiled gently at him before the crowd chanted as the music started to play once more.

I walk to the centre of the arena. I fly into the sky as the crowd cheers louder. My parents walked toward me on the ground. I smile at them with joy in winning my first duel. I land near them before leaving for the commons. Fred and George lift me onto their shoulders.

"Her Highness Princess Amaryllis Miabella Machiko Snape Prince Potter Lefay has WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Procter announces as I am paraded around. Everyone screams as the green lighting of the killing curse are shot at me. Arouras hold him on the ground as I get hit square on the chest. I am knocked unconscious in my mother's arms as do so.

"You know... The killing curse does not affect me," I say while sitting up with a hand on my chest. The people surrounding me stare in shocked awe or anger.

"All It does is cause muscle pain and soreness... If I was anyone else, I would have died. Anyone but those from the royal family can die from it. Those of royal blood on the other hand... Well, I'm proof right?" I say while walking to lord flint. My sword in hand.

"By my right as Crown Princess and heir to the throne, I sentence you to death for the attempted assassination of a royal and winner of the duel between our families. Any last words?" I ask coldly. Before he can speak, I slice his head off. It was his punishment for trying to kill me, I have no need to be merciful.

"We. Do. Not. Bow.

We. Do. Not. Yield.

We. Do. Not. Keep. A. Threat. Alive." I spoke with the voice of my ancestors. I started to see black before the scent of my mate fills my senses. I am lifted up into his arms as I fight to stay awake.

"Rest little one. There is no danger anymore," He spoke lulling me to sleep.

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