My Letter of Compulsions

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Third POV -

6 years have passed since the Grimoire incident. Amaryllis has matured more than those her age but never once missed out on her childhood. She grew to be more beautiful over time. With an air of grace and elegance, she was sought after by many during important events. 

Her education and training became even more rigorous after the event. If she wanted to she could have already taken her owls, newts, and masteries. She did, though in secret from the rest of the world. Under the name of Machiko Lefay, she gained any mastery she could. 

Now though, was her 11th birthday. Upon the request of lady magic, she is escorted to the ritual room of the wizarding bank. Runes were carved into the very stones to protect everyone present, living and dead. 

She stood in the middle of the runic circles before her magic began to pulse. Her body began to burn, heating to an almost scalding temperature. She felt the chains binding her sheer appendages. One by one they shattered, making the forms solid and expand. 

There she stood with 9 fox tails, multiple-sized halos, pure white wings, and slit pupils much like a snake. She had slightly long fangs and claws. Small golden antlers that glittered with thousands of stars now sat upon her head. 

"oh! Amaryllis, your gorgeous!" Claribella spoke proudly as she looked at her daughter's eyes. Amaryllis smiled gently at them. She felt whole again... mostly. She couldn't figure out what she was missing. 

<Meanwhile in Slytherin castle>

Within the majestic halls lays a writhing man fisting his shirt as he feels his mates' inheritance. A smile was present on his face as his crimson eyes showed love and promise. He would protect his mate from the so-called 'Light' and give her the world if they wished for it. For years he has waited on them to be united. 

"Finally, after all these years... You're here. You're alive. Wait for me little one, I shall find you soon" He vowed in a hushed tone. After that night 10 years ago, he went into isolation to heal his mind and soul. To regain his stolen sanity and right the plans he made. 

"It is time to call upon my knights. Their queen has awakened, and they must be protected." He spoke while gazing out the window to the moon. His knights must be ready to fight both politically and on the front lines. He shall not watch his people suffer anymore. 

"Tomorrow we fight." 

<The Next Day>

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