The Rites

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Once an heiress has reached the age of 12 (start of puberty{becomes a young woman}) They are introduced into high society and entered into the courts. Balls and dances were common ways for young women to be introduced to society. The closest after their birthday is the one normally attended.

Heirs are the same but must be formally introduced to the young woman or parent of the one he has an interest in or wishes to court. 

Normally they wait till they are older for creature inheritances or magical inheritances to find their respected mate. Age does not matter in the instance of mates. If one is older they speak with the parents and explain the situation.

One must first be formally introduced to a young woman/man and then ask permission from he/her or their parents to "call" (visit) at a particular time. Most courting took place in their parent's homes. When One arrived, they would leave their calling card, and they would have an escorted visit, perhaps drinking tea and chatting or playing cards in the parlour. One would need to impress the parents in order to be allowed to call again.

If allowed calling again, one would bring gifts for the person they are courting. The gifts would be anything that held a personal value. 

Common Gifts - 

* Gowns, Dresses, Clothes, etc.




*tickets to events {only allowed with the express permission of parents/guardians}

By this time they would be allowed to have chaperone dates in restaurants, cafés, etc. They would be allowed to be alone for an agreed-upon time within the parents' house. Once they have built a great deal of trust they may go to events or dates alone within a time frame. 

This process can take anywhere from a few months to years. 

These rites have been upheld within the pure-blood community for millenniums. Most muggle borne or half-bloods, either believe it's too old-fashioned or out dated. Mainly because they grew up in a different world than the pure-bloods/magical raised. These rites have many laws keeping them absolute should anyone use them. All laws are carefully written and revised before being applied to the rites. Since the laws go back to the time of merlin and king Arthur, The ministry can not dismiss them or go against them. 

An example of going against these laws would be House Malfoy VS House Weasley. Many have forgotten what actually started the blood feud between the families. An heir of house Weasley had broken his contract with a daughter of house Malfoy because he was in love with another. Never breaking the contract officially till the day of the wedding ceremony. Where the heir ran off with the woman and left the daughter at the altar. After not being able to separate the two due to a child out of wed-lock, the Malfoy family asked for reparations for the daughter. When house Weasley denied anything of the sort, the Malfoy family took them to court and sued them for many generations to come. 

Another example of the Blood feud is when a Weasley tried to force a daughter of house Malfoy into wed-lock. Because it was being forced upon the daughter after being kidnapped, she took her own life to prevent herself from being wed to her kidnapper. The Weasley tried to force a marriage between the two houses to get a hold of the Malfoy wealth and power.  He also did it to spite the Malfoy family that had brought his family to the ground.

Both offences made it to court where Lady Magic was called upon to sentence the punishment that would remain as a curse to the family, until a generation is forgiven or paid their due. 

Those who use the old ways know of the steep and heavy cost of the rites they use before committing to it. 


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