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Amaryllis POV - 

I have been here a while. I wonder how long... Maybe hours... Days... Months... Years... I can't leave till I have learned everything. Why?

Third POV - 

Everyone in the manor felt the magic that permeate the air. They all ran to find their beloved child and professor. They all find them in the meadow of tall grass and flowers. They saw the professor kneeling before the glowing child. 

"What happened?!" Arathaelon yelled out. Everyone was concerned and worried about the young girl that they didn't even realise Severus' awed expression. A burst of magic caused everyone to silence.

"She has unlocked the family magics. She is going through the rites of the grimoires," Severus spoke.

"But how?! She shouldn't be able to till her 11th birthday!" Claribella yelled out from the other side. She was panicking about the situation. It was known in both wizard and creature communities that the family rites could kill the heir/heiress if not completed correctly or quickly. Since she is the heiress to 20 Most Ancient and Most imperial Houses, 15 Most Noble and Most Ancient Houses, and 10 Ancient and Noble houses she would go through 45 rites! If not completed soon her magic might exhaust and kill her. 

All they could do was pray. Pray this ends before she is killed and safely returned to them. The main question is How this happened. Did the Grimoires think she was ready for the knowledge? That she was prepared for the power that came with it. 

Lady magic appeared in the field. She was horrified that fate would do such a thing to her daughter. 

"Lady Magic! Please, is there anything you can do?!" Claribella begged. She only shook her head with tears falling down her porcelain cheeks. Amaryllis was stuck in her mind till she completed the rites or it killed her. 

Hours passed as the animals all gathered around the outskirts of the meadow, from the largest of predators to the smallest of prey. Magical and muggle stood waiting for their queen. Amaryllis' body glowed brighter by the second. The magic condensing, pulsating with a life of its own.

Amaryllis POV -

"I am Amaryllis Miabella Machiko Snape Prince Potter. The True heiress of house Potter, Ruler of Magic. Queen of all." I spoke as I absorbed the family magic from the grimoires. Within the Large tree shows a glowing aquamarine crystal. Felling the magical pull, I step forward. A crown emerged from the large crystal, landing on my brow. 

Feeling a pull on my naval, I gasp when my eyes open to see mama, mommy, daddy, and papa. Tears spill from my eyes as I am enveloped in the strong, safe arms of my parents. I knew then that I was loved, cherished, and that they would protect me. Always.

Sorry for the short chapter, I thought it was a good place to stop for this chapter. 

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