All Hallows Eve

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Amaryllis POV- 

Months have passed since the duel. Marcus has been a fantastic butler for me. His attitude has flipped entirely, and he even apologised to those he harmed while explaining why he did it. I would say everyone accepting this change would be a lie.  A few of my mate's supporters twisted his words and rules to gain fear and power over others of 'lower station'.

My mate has promised to right the wrongs and fix their attitudes. Many of their parents have either gone missing or been found killed with a list of their crimes and sins. Some of them got disowned or grounded in their homes. 

The door that has left my parents, friends, and guards confused about leads to Tom's chambers. At first, when I told them about it they were not happy. Till they spoke with him about courting me and a marriage contract between us. Mama scared him the most when she discovered that he could enter whenever he wished and vice versa. 

Now that I was being officially courted, I didn't need to worry about my veils or shoulders being shown. A simple silver band on my left ring finger, tells everyone I am taken. Though that doesn't stop the perverts or some Gryffindors from trying anything. My guards have already killed a few of them when they tried to sneak into the girls' restroom or the quidditch girls' showers. 

Today is Samhain or All Hallows Eve. On this day, the veil between the underworld and the mortal realm is at its thinnest. I would be able to celebrate it as well as my birthday with my family and mate this year. I couldn't hold back my smile all day or my ecstatic mood. 

Many of the students who have tried to curry favour with me were stunned by my smile this morning as I walk to my seat. I am greeted by my friends singing happy birthday to me as well as handing me presents. I giggle at their actions and open each one. 

Draco got me a pair of anklets that had protection charms, wards, and runes engraved on them. Blaze and Nevil got me an outfit for tonight, since I was turning twelve, I would be introduced into high society during the yuletide. Fred and George got me lots of sweets and tea snacks. Astoria got me a new dagger that could be worn as a bracelet or necklace. 

After the classes were done, I head to daddy's chamber where we would floo home to celebrate my 12th birthday. Tom would be waiting there with him. I had changed out of the uniform and into the outfit I had gotten. 

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The festivities lasted until the next morning. I was happy that my ancestors blessed us and accepted him as part of the family. Now all he had to do was the courting rites. 

Sorry for the short chapter. I promise a long chapter next time! Also, Guess What? I'm getting married soon!

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