The Station

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Amaryllis POV - 

Today was the day. The day I finally start my adventure and role as the future queen. As Future queen of the magical world, I had my compartment in between the gryphons and the snakes. I would be decorated with flowers and snakes with crowns. The door itself had the royal insignia. I would be meeting with Draco there. 

I grab my shrunken trunk and veils. Hades wrapped around my neck while Nyx followed next to me. With final checks and affections, we ready our masks and apparate to the station. Upon arriving we are watched and bombarded by the Evans and black. I never kicked Sirius out of the house because he never did anything against me. He wasn't my godfather or relative of importance. 

Before they could talk I excused myself to the train along with daddy after giving our goodbyes. Uncle Nigel and Zaldreinis walk 3 steps behind me on either side. Zaldreinis walks in first to open the door for me. My compartment was able to hold 15 people comfortably. I sat next to the window as I try to spot my blonde brother. Nigel and Zaldreinis sit by the door. The only Weasleys I could stand were the twins. They found out about their family's misuse and greed, as well as their rudeness. They became my vassals/knights.

Soon there were knocks on the door. Zaldreinis stood and opened them before stepping aside. I nod at them as they entered. Fred, George, Draco, Blaze and Astoria walked in. We all quietly converse before Nigel and Zaldreinis stood with their swords half-drawn as Adrian slams the door open. I continue reading my grimoire while half-heartedly listening to them. 

"This is my compartment, leave!" He yelled. I sighed before slamming the book closed. I set it on the seat next to me before turning to face him and his group. A blood traitor, muggle-born, and Nevil who looks as if he is going to cry. 

"Did you not see the sigil on the door, Evans? That is the sigil of the royal family. You are not of royal blood nor were you invited by me to sit. This is my house sigil, my compartment. The only person who has permission in your group is Nevil Longbottom." I spoke coldly. Nevil quickly entered and sat down next to blaze as he wraps his arms around him. Blaze had some smoke puff out of his nose as he watched nevil be in destress. Nigel pushed them out before locking the compartment door. 

"He never learns does he?" I asked sarcastically. Everyone laughs before we go back to our conversations. I don't remember when but I had been gently shaken awake. 

"Your highness, we are here," Nigel said. All the boys left me and Astoria to change. My uniform was modified. The skirt reached the floor and the white button-up shirt had buttons engraved with my sigil. the jumper was a light grey with the Hogwarts crest over my heart. My cloak's fastenings were silver and engraved with my sigil. The button-up and jumper were form fitting. I had white stockings and black ballet slippers. I re-did my hair and veils before leaving the train with everyone. 

Walking down the dark, slippery stairs to the dock was easy for me and Astoria as we were carried by my guards. They seat us in the boat before they sit. They were being oggled by the females and a few males in my year. They were dressed in a white and black military uniforms.

Nigel- Uniform

Zaldreinis - Uniform

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Zaldreinis - Uniform

Once we entered the wards I could feelhogwarts

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Once we entered the wards I could feelhogwarts. She was weak and informed me of all the damage done to her since the founders passing. I could tell she was happy I was here. I had lots to do after this night. I waited with my friends on the left of the stairs as we wait to be let in.

Adian being the spoiled pig he is starts talking about him most likely getting engaged to the mysterious princess. Most of them eat it up while others look on in disgust. It was widely known that the princess AKA me, has a mate. Also, the fact that any and all contracts have been rejected. I scoff at the futile attempt to gain more attention. 

Most students passed by my door and looked in to find friends. They knew that the princess was attending Hogwarts, but didn't know what she looked like. Many were looking for the 'missing potter heiress'. During the entire ride I never once took off my veils or looked at the door until the first incident with him. 

"Your highness, your parents never accepted any marriage contracts. They would never accept one anyways, you have a mate. The only person who could have your hand in marriage is your mate." Nigel spoke loudly as he kneeled. I raise my hand slightly for him to get up. Soon the professor from earlier came out of the great hall.

I noticed that the adult Evans was present and had a connection to the professor next to daddy. I felt whole when I caught his eyes. I broke the stare when my name was called. My guards following me. They inspect the hat and chair before allowing me to sit.

Let us make this memorable.

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