I Don't Care if You're my Mate

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It's a little short, but I promise the next one will be longer




I wish somebody would turn off that dumb beeping noise. It has been driving me insane for the last 20 minutes and I'm too tired to get my lazy butt off this bed. This is no doubt the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I have no plans on getting up anytime soon.

I tried to rollover onto my side, but a pain in my stomach and neck prevented me from doing so. I groaned and figured its time to open my eyes. The light in the room was way too bright for my sleepy eyes.

"Turn off the light, James." I put an arm on my eyes to protect myself from the blinding light. A growl was heard from across the room and now I was on alert. The growl was familiar but it wasn't one of my friends. I began to open my eyes to detect anything in the room. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the blinding light. The first thing I see is a room that is not mine. The walls were painted a dark grey almost black. The floors were a dark hardwood and the sitting area had black leather furniture. The room is huge especially the bed I was laying on. The comforter was a deep red like the colour of a rose.

The room was trashed everywhere. Broken pieces of glass were scattered across the room. A desk and couch were flipped over and broken. Some of the walls had holes from someone punching them in.

I breathe in through my nose and smell the most wonderful scent ever. Caramel and chocolate which seems vaguely familiar. I inhale deeply, not getting enough of the mouthwatering scent. I had to find the person who scent this belonged to. I knew only one person who could only possibly smell this good. My mate...

Wait hold up. I haven't even met my mate yet. What hap-...Oh My Gosh. The Attack. James. The pack. The beta. Blood. Fight. Alpha. Mate. I was with my Alpha mate. He was the one who saved me after I fell unconscious.

The beeping noise went into a frenzy and I saw a heart monitor hooked up to me. I had to try and calm myself, deep breaths.

"Mine." The voice was husky and masculine. I could see a shadow on the other side of the room, but I couldn't see the person. He stepped into the light and I couldn't help but gasp at the figure. He was too attractive for his own good. His dark brown hair was styled in a 'just woke up' kind of way. His arms and shoulders were nothing but pure muscle. I could see his eight pack through his tight v neck shirt. My weakness. I had a feeling he could use those too his advantage in the future.

The best feature of his whole body was his breathtaking blue eyes. His gaze kept me locked in a trance with no chance of escaping. I could stare into those eyes for the rest of my life...

No! I can't stay here, I have to leave. I can't live with a pack let alone be an Alphas mate. I don't want to be ordered around all the time. I like to be free to do as I please. With a mate in the picture, my freedom is gone.

"I need to leave." I try to get up, but he gently pushed my shoulders back down on the bed. Hurt flashes through his eyes and it pains me to see him upset.

"No, you will stay here with me, where you belong."

"I don't belong with a pack. I'm sorry but I'm going to leave."

"No, you are my mate. I will not allow you to leave." Dumb alphas and their possessive nature.

"I don't take orders from anybody especially you. So I'm leaving if you like it or not." The alpha growled at my disrespect towards him. He better get use to it because that's how it's going to be while I'm here.

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