Playing Dirty

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His canines easily tore through my thin flesh with ease. I screamed out in pain while trying to push his heavy body off of mine, he used more force than necessary. My wolf was exceptionally happy that her mate claimed her as his. I, on the other hand, was outraged at him. He cannot simply mark someone without their consent. If I wanted him to do it, I would have told him. I didn't want this. Now it is almost impossible to leave him. Our connection would be stronger than it was before and even then it was quite strong.

He removed his canines from my neck and licked the blood that oozed out. It sent ripples of pleasure through my body, but I was too angry to go crazy about it. I could feel little droplets of water side down my cheek. I felt warm fingers wipe them away, I growled and slapped it away. I didn't want to talk to him right now, I only wanted to be left alone.

"I can't believe you just marked me!" I replied coldly. I was angry at my mate for ruining my chances of escape. It would be hard before to leave him, but now it was almost suicide to leave. Once a male werewolf marks their mate, they are inseparable. Their own need for each other amplifies and makes you want death if you are away from them. They don't have the will to live anymore without the one who is made for them. Most werewolves go rogue and cross enemy pack borders just to escape their lives.

"You should be happy. Now everyone will know that you are mine." His possessive nature got the best of him and he tried to wrap an arm around my waist. I quickly got up from the bed and turned away from him. When an Alpha marks their mate, they get a specific mark on their neck to show other wolves that their mate is an Alpha. All the Alpha's in the country know each other marks so if they happen to stumble upon their territory, they can return them.

"I didn't want this, I wanted to leave. You've taken my right to be alone forever. I hate the concept of packs. Listen to whatever the Alpha says and if not you get punished. That doesn't sit well with me. I've been in a pack be-" I quickly stop myself from revealing my past secrets. I could only hope that he didn't hear that. He would get extremely pissed off at the Alpha for making me leave. Since that was like a death sentence for pack werewolves.

It was bad enough that my pack and my unwanted new pack, were about to go to war. He would be too blinded by rage to have a clear head and rush into everything without thinking straight. I may be upset with him right now, but he is my mate and I do love him. I always would.

"Wait, you've been in a pack before?" Oh crap, he did hear that. He was becoming a little too curious for my liking.

"That's none of your business and off topic. You marked me without my permission. I have every right to be mad at you." I hope he will drop the subject and argue about the mark.

"No, me marking you was the right thing to do. I don't want anybody taking what belongs to me. Now every male will know who you belong to. You seem pretty close to James, are you together or something? Is that why you don't want to be with me? I swear if he ever touched you, I will kill that filthy rogue. You are mine!" His body was shaking with anger, I knew he would shift any second. He growled and in the next second I was pinned up against the wall. His body was completely pressed up against mine.

"He has nothing to do with this, leave him out of it." I couldn't let Carter hurt James, it's my fault for even getting us into this mess. If I would've been stronger then I could've taken down the beta. They all would be safe at home and I would be dead and not having to stay with this possessive Alpha. Even if I wanted to leave, I knew he would never let me go.

"Why are you defending him. I'm your mate not him!" I rolled my eyes which caused him to push me harder against the wall. He moved my hair behind my back and started trailing kisses. I know his wolf was taking over his body and was trying to teach his mate who was in charge. I hated that he was using our bond against me. My wolf and I craved our mates every touch. It was just as addictive as drugs, I couldn't get enough of him.

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