Love Me Not

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I couldn't believe it.

There was no way that he- that James was dead.

"No, no it's not true. It can't be the truth. He can't be dead. James can't be dead." I sobbed.

"Natalie..." Carter whispered trying to get me back in his arms. He pressed my head into his chest and lovingly stroked my hair.

"No, she's lying! I mean he- I just saw him a couple of weeks ago." I denied running a hand through my hair.

"I know this is very hard to understand," Maggie wept. "but, James is gone. He loved you very much. He wouldn't want you to worry over him like this."

"Then what am I supposed to do?" I shouted. "Pretend like everything is fine? Because it's not. James is dead, I didn't even get to say goodbye." Then realization him me and I dropped to the floor.

"Natalie, what's wrong? Are you okay?" Carter worriedly exclaimed.

"I, I didn't even say goodbye. He's gone now and I'll never talk to him again." I whimpered. I began banging my fists on the ground trying to release some of the anguish I felt.

"Everyone leave us now." Carter commanded. Everybody in the room did so, even members from the Evergreen Pack. I could tell Travis didn't want to leave me. He lingered behind the others with a guilty face.

Only Drake stayed behind. "Stop, you're hurting yourself." Carter grabbed my fists and pulled me up from the floor.

"She's in shock right now. She needs to get some rest and calm down." Drake advised. He was standing by the corner of the wall with a troubled look on his face.

"I can't." I wailed. Carter looked pained. He didn't know what to do with me.

"Tell me what I can do to fix this. I hate seeing you like this. My wolf hates seeing you in pain." He whispered.

"Bring him back." I said emotionlessly.

"Are you sure he's dead?" Carter asked Maggie.

She nodded her head, wiping away a stray tear, "I watched them kill him in Imperial territory."

"What do you mean you watched it?Why were you guys over there?" He accused.

"James wanted to talk to her dad." I immediately froze. Carter didn't know anything about my parents. He also didn't know that my dad was the beta of the Imperial Pack.

"What?" Carter sharply boomed. "What do you mean talk to her dad? Your father is a member of Imperial Pack?" He said turning to me.

I didn't know what to say. There was no lie I could use to get myself out of this mess.

"Carter, I'll explain everything to you later. I just ne-,"

"Why didn't you tell me? This has changed everything with this war. Do you know what you've done keeping this information from me?" He growled. Carter gripped my waist tightly and stared down at me. His hold was so strong that I could practically feel the bruises forming.

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