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After the long drive home from the mall, Carter and I were watching a movie on the tv. I wasn't paying attention to it and neither was Carter. The whole time I was wondering how I would escape my mate. This guy already wormed his way in my cold heart and now I had to leave now more than ever. I was letting my guards down, the more I did it the more likely I would stay.

My wolf was itching to be let out and so was I. It has been more than a week since I last shifted, my wolf wouldn't stop complaining. I finally decided that she's waited long enough and its time to ask 'permission' from Carter.

"Carter, can we go on a run? My wolf hasn't been on one since I came here?" I sweetly asked. I pouted my lips, because I know he'll do almost anything when I do it. He groaned and ran his thumb over it. He stared at my lips before crashing his onto mine. I was surprised for a few seconds before I started moving my lips with his warm ones. His hands went to my side's where he effortlessly picked me up with one arm and sat me on his lap. His lips moved rough against mine sending ripples of pleasure throughout my body. I moaned when his tongue entered my mouth. He growled pulling away only to begin trailing kisses down my neck. He kissed down all the way to my mark where he licked it and begin sucking on it.

"C-Carter, we need to uh stop." I barely said. He smirked against my skin.

"I don't think you want to."

"Carter, I'm serious. I'm not ready." He groaned but reluctantly stopped kissing my neck. He was frowning at me from making us stop.

"Well if you don't stop pouting your lip I won't have a choice." I immediately froze and got up from his lap. He got up too and walked to the front door. We walked outside and the wind blew my hair in every direction. I went behind a tree, deep enough in the woods so nobody could see me, and started stripping off my clothes. I closed my eyes and imagined my grey wolf. In seconds, I had fur and four legs. I jogged out to the trees to see Carter with a huge midnight black wolf. I took the time to marvel at how big he really was. I wasn't even half as tall as him, I liked feeling small compared to him, I felt protected.

He walked up to me and playfully bit my shoulder. I could tell that he wanted me to run so he could chase me. I knew a few things about Alpha's and one of those is that they liked a good chase. I quickly darted off to the trees, running as fast as I could. I stole a glance behind me and saw him casually leaning against a tall oak. I knew he was giving me a head start since he could catch me so easily. I picked up my pace and pushed myself harder and harder. His pounding footsteps were quickly gaining on me every second. I had beta blood in me, but it was nothing compared to a male alpha.

As I was about to turn left, someone swiftly tackled me. I put my paws out to block my face, but I felt our positions being switched. He took the impact of the crash and I landed on top of him. I growled and quickly got up, it was fun playing with Carter, it made both me and my wolf happy.

After a few more hours, Carter and I both shifted and changed back into our clothes. We both emerged in a good mood smiling.

"Hey, do you want to take a walk or go back inside?" He asked.

"Lets take a walk, it feels nice out." We began walking on a dirt path in the middle of the woods. We didn't say anything, only enjoying the feeling of being close.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked after ten minutes of walking.

"We're almost there." I scowled at him for not telling me where, but kept walking. The sun was setting above our heads and the stars were beginning to come out. Carter pointed to something up ahead, making me squint to see what it was. In the middle of the woods there was a small clearing with tall, wispy grass and the biggest tree I have ever seen in the exact middle. The branches and trunk were twisted and gnarled showing off its old age. Some of the branches were so big, they almost touched the ground. The trunk had a a vine of beautiful white flowers growing on it. I was so speechless, this place was peaceful and serene.

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