Sneak Peak

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Sneak peak of what will happen in a few more chapters. This won't happen for a little while, because I want to reveal more about Natalie and Carter's relationship together. So please try not to kill me:)

*~*~*~*Short but I mostly posted it for the AN at the bottom.*~*~*~*

I was certain of five things and all were ones that I hoped weren't true.

I was in another pack's territory.

One that was all too familiar.

The one pack I hoped I'd never have to see again.

My old pack.

And I wasn't alone.


Cliffhanger! I know I'm mean but you gotta love the suspense. I won't be updating for at least a week, since my schedule is packed! I'll try to update ASAP since I hate when authors leave it on such a good part! Don't hate me too much:) *Teaser*




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