Gift He Has Given You + 6 Match-Ups

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Hobbies include junior Air Force, doing nothing and theater.

She's shy, outgoing and courageous.

She wants to be shipped with a man.

She has green blue eyes and blonde hair.

Okay I decided to ship you with...

STEVE!!!! *yaaay*

I chose Steve because he is shy yet courageous and outgoing and eager to help others. Plus, the junior Air Force is pretty cool, and has Saving Murica vibes. He would love your eyes, they're almost like his.

Who would you ship her with?


Hobbies include theater, video games, art, writing, fun and swimming.

She is outgoing and courageous.

Wants to be shipped with a man.

She has Hazel brown eyes and brown hair. She has a thin yet curvy physique. Her name is Kayla.

Her favorite things are spaghetti, chicken, the color pink, spring and fall.

I would ship you with...

CLINT!! *yaaaaaaayyyy*

I ship you with Clint because he seems like the type of guy who would love playing video games and do other hobbies you enjoy. You'd kick his butt in Mario kart lol. Also, he would love your outgoing nature and your hair.

Who would you ship with her?


Hobbies include web design, graphics design, video games and listening to music.

She is mostly shy, but it depends on the occasion.

Wants to be shipped with a man.

Has short brown hair and blue eyes.

She likes coffee, she doesn't get enough sleep (XD), and she likes watching movies and tv shows.

I ship you with...

BUCKY!!! *confetti*

I ship you with Bucky because I think he would love your shy nature, and your interest for web and graphic design. Plus, he would enjoy watching tv shows and movies with you while drinking so much coffee that you both would start shaking lol.

Who would you ship with her?


Hobbies include drawing and reading.

She's shy.

She wants to be shipped with a man.

She has dark dark dark brown hair and emerald eyes.

She likes art and writing.

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