9. With Bucky

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"Bucky! There's something burning?"

Indeed there was. You and Bucky went to the grocery store to restock on poptarts, coffee, and other items from the list Tony gave you. It was filled top to bottom. It took a long time to shop.

Bucky frowns and sets down the bags on the floor. "Yeah," he says. "Was anyone cooking?" You both jog to the kitchen, and was greeted with smoke pouring from the open oven. "Um. Why would anyone...," you trail off as a little fire burst into flame inside the oven. "How does this even happen?" You grumble. "I'll get the fire extinguisher," says Bucky. He grabs it from under the sink and fumbles with it.

"Oh, someone left a note. EMERGENCY MISSION. I guess that explains it...," you roll your eyes.

"Here, I can get it," Bucky hands it to you and you easily blow the fire out. "So...someone was making cookies?" You bend down to look at the soggy remains of the burnt dough. "I'll get it out," says Bucky. He grabs a potholder and grabs the tray, setting it down inside the sink. "That's really hot," he says.

"So are you," you grin. Bucky looks at you for a moment, smiling. "That was a good one, Y/N," he says.

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