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Remember to be kind to everyone. Please.


When you wake in tears, Steve would get in totally overprotective mode and hug you and whisper comforting things in your ear. After you calmed down, he would ask what the nightmare was about.


Your crying would be a jumpscare at first, but then Tony would try everything he could to calm you down.


Thor would go into full on teddy bear mode, hugging you and making you calm down.


He knows what you're going through, so he makes sure to calm you down and make you talk about it.


Snuggles. Just.........s n u g g l e s.


She rubs your back while you calm down. She's not much for physical contact.


He kisses all over your face and wipes away your tears.


Boi, he knows what you're going though. He tries to calm you down by kissing you repeatedly.


He picks you up and takes you to the roof, with blankets and pillows. You guys spoon as you talk about the nightmare.


She gives a lot of cuddles and kisses as you calm down. Such a sweetie.

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