Ellie's Bucket List

2M 35.6K 67.6K

1. Get detention for rebelling in school

2. Stay out pass 3 am

3. Buy a name brand

4. Join a school club

5. Make more friends (who aren't Mia's friends)

6. Get a job

7. Make a deal you'd regret

8. Sing in front of a crowd

9. Stand on a bridge for five minutes

10. Visit Gold Coast

11. Watch the sunrise over the sea

12. Sail the seas

13. Attend a school party

14. Learn how to drive

15. Reach the top of the Eureka Tower

16. Stand up for myself

17. Donate money to those who need it

18. Pull an all nighter

19. Get a mani / pedi

20. Befriend Bethany Perry

21. Make a difference to someone's life

22. Swim in the ocean

23. Watch four horror movies in a row

24. Go stargazing

25. Learn ballroom dancing

26. Fall asleep on grassy plains

27. Have a sleepover

28. Give a speech to over 100 people

29. Do something nice to a loved one

30. Dance in the rain

31. Say 'yes' for a whole day

32. Donate blood

33. Fold a thousand paper cranes

34. Have dinner at a fancy restaurant with friends

35. Visit the Place

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