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The math exam was easy. Everyone was making such a big deal out of it, whereas here I was, thinking it was the easiest exam of the year so far. Well, then again, it was only the second exam this year. However, Mia hated me for thinking that.

After the exam, Mia and I headed to the library so we could study for the history exam on Friday. There were so many exams coming up and I barely even noticed that they were approaching so soon if it weren't for Mia's need for my tutoring services. Hopefully, the history exam was easier than the maths exam.

Because of Daniel, I won't be able to study tonight. He has a history exam on Friday as well, so I wasn't sure what he wants to go out tonight. Does he want me to tutor him as well?

"Wait, who killed who again?" Mia asked, her eyes furrowed to the textbook.

Mia hated history and like the rest of our classes, she asked me to help her study. The only class Mia doesn't ask my help in was English. In fact, it was the class I would sometime ask her help with. English has never been my strongest topic and it confuses Mia. It confuses me as well.

I explained the history of the Tudor crises, and when I was done, I could tell from Mia's expression that she didn't comprehend a word I just said. I don't know why Mia likes to study everything last minute. I had a habit of remembering as I go throughout the term, so it was easier for me. Everything now was like a revision.

"Ellie!" I heard my name.

Only ten metres away, Kyle smiled at us. He approached me and I could hear Mia groan from my right. How did he find me? Kyle and I barely even speak as much unless in Chemistry or he somehow managed to sit beside me if Mia or Daniel doesn't first.

"Hi Kyle," I greeted.

Mia rolled her eyes. I wondered whether Kyle noticed Mia's expression or if he was intentionally ignoring her. Mia still hated Kyle and she wasn't afraid to flaunt it. I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle knew she hated him and simply didn't care.

"Hey Amelia," Kyle greeted.

"Whatever," she mumbled.

"What's up?" I asked. It sounded like I was trying too hard to sound cool. Why was I so lame?

Kyle took a seat beside me.

"Do you want to hang out after school today?"

Of course. How could I expect anything less? For a guy who has been rejected by a lot, he really is resilient to ask me again. When was he going to take the hint? But there was no harm in hanging out. Maybe Kyle could be another friend where there was no hidden meaning between our friendship like it was with Daniel and me.

"Sure, but I can't do tonight."

Doesn't anyone study anymore? Kyle was in the same history class and I was one hundred precent sure he had the same exam. It as like studying was lame or something. What was happening to society?

"Daniel, I'm assuming?"

"You assume correctly," Mia answered on my behalf, although it was unrequired. I thought she was ignoring us. Why wasn't she ignoring us?

"Yeah, I'm sorry."

"How about tomorrow."

"Sorry chap, she's helping me with chemistry tomorrow," Mia answered snobbishly. Since when she used British slang?

I watched Kyle as he cleared his throat and turned his attention away form Mia and bake to me.

"How about you pick a day?" Kyle suggested.

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