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There was one week left until graduation. We had our muck up day where we showed up to school looking as ridiculous as possible. Some wore a clown costume, while others wore a superhero outfit. Some boys wore the girl uniform, and the girls wore the boy uniform. Mia and I went dressed up as the minions from Despicable Me.

The next day on Tuesday, we had only half a day where we all had our whole walk out of school with everyone in the lower years giving us their farewells before we rushed off to freedom. I tried to enjoy the day as much as I could. School was finished tonight was our formal.

Mia and I decided to go to formal together. We hired our own limousine and decided to buy each other's corsages. Mia was laughing so hard that night, she was predicting that everyone was going to assume we were a couple. I cringed hard considering that we're cousins. But not everyone at school knew that apparently.

Mia stayed over on Tuesday night, so we could get ready for formal together on Wednesday. I finally got my driver's license after many fearful attempts to actually get into the driver's side, but dad was with me the whole time. I drove us to the hairdressers before going to Sephora where they did our make up for free after buying that package deal. When finished, we headed back to my place where we got into our dresses.

Mia wore a pink evening gown whereas I wore a navy blue with silver designs.

We went Federation Square after to take photos. Dad was trying really hard to be a photographer and it was almost cringe when he was telling us how to pose.

Mia's parents were there too, and her dad was taking photos using his iPhone. Mia always preferred photos from my dad whereas I preferred the photos taken by Mia's dad. By the time we actually went to formal, we got out of the limo and walked down the red carpet to the function hall where we met with Dina and everyone else from school.

"I am so hungry!" Mia yelled after we went inside the hall and to our allocated seats.

"My stomach is making way too many whale noises, people's going to start thinking someone's smuggled a cat in here," I agreed. Mia and Dina laughed.

After they served dinner, I hate like my life depended on it. I was so hungry. I completely forgot to eat much the entire day too afraid I was going to ruin my whole look.

When we finished, Mia wanted to go and dance even though it was a slow dance. I agreed, with a lot of reluctance, to join her, but before I could, Kyle was standing beside me. A smile on his face, and his eyes looking at me.

"Can I have this dance?" he asked.

"Boo," Mia mumbled. "I'm going to look for Josh."

Seriously? Just like that? I wanted to call out to her, but Kyle offered me his hand. I peered over his shoulder to his table and saw Daniel sitting there. Beth beside him. She was talking but Daniel was looking right at us.

"I shouldn't," I replied.

"Come on, only going as friends."

He took my hand anyways. He led me to the dance floor and placed his hand at the small part of my back as we swayed gently to the music. I maintain a reasonable distance between us.

"So, how's the speech going?" he asked.

Eh, I didn't want to be reminded about that speech. As the valedictorian, I was asked to do a speech alongside the school captain. I didn't even know what to write. I was horrible at speeches when it had nothing to do with a certain topic being taught in class. What was I going to say?

"Horribly," I replied.

He laughed. "I'm sure it's far more better than you think," he replied.

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