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Now that the second term was over, winter break has commenced, I never felt so uncomfortable in my entire life. Every so often, I would feel Beth's eyes on me, and I could feel her anger and hatred radiating towards me. The moment I approached her and the group at the airport, Beth stared me down as though I was trespassing into her territory. She looked furious and I was beginning to feel anxious.

It still felt like their group was dominating mine with only Mia, Josh and Dina on my side, and Kyle, the Beth cult (who I later found out were named Amberly and Jaime) and Peter on Daniel's side. At least I was friends with Kyle.

Yet, whatever Beth had in mind to expose me for just showing up to the airport, made me nervous. I wasn't sure what she was going to do. I kept dreaming about her pushing me into a tank filled with sharks for the past couple of days that I'd wake up in the middle of the night.

I held onto the handle of my seat tightly. We weren't that far away. In twenty minutes, we'd be landing at the Gold Coast airport. Daniel was sitting in the row behind me and on occasion, he would pop his head over to say something to me. But I barely paid attention as I was too distracted by the daggers Beth was sending my way.

By the time we landed, it was like the world was against our favour. It was raining. Heavily like a hurricane. I groaned with annoyance. This trip was going to be horrible.

"It's okay. The rain's not always going to be around," Mia reassured. I wasn't so certain about that.

We immediately grabbed our bags and called a taxi to our hotel. We had three rooms in total. The guys in one, and the girls split up into two.

"So, what's the plan today?" Daniel asked as we sat in the large micro-bus.

I hadn't really thought about it. Even though it was settled for a couple weeks now on who was going with us, I hadn't really pondered over what we would all do together. I kind of hoped that Mia, Dina, and I would wonder off on our own while Daniel's group did their own thing.

"Probably just walk around Surfers Paradise—heard it's a nice walk nearby the beach."

"Okay, you're the boss," Daniel nodded as confirmation. So, he was planning to go with me then?

I looked back out the windows. It was winter but even then, it was humid. The trees were freshly green as if the place hadn't even touched autumn. It was beautiful.

We arrived at the hotel and went to our respective rooms. The room Mia, Dina and I shared was not large, but it wasn't small either. It had two bedrooms—one with a single bed and the other with a double bed. It was meant to be a family room, I suppose. There was only one bathroom and a small kitchen space and lounge space. As I took off my shoes and toured the room, abruptly, the door in the corner of the kitchen opened and walked in Daniel.

Mia screamed, her packed clothes flying in the air.

"Chill," Daniel sad.

"Where did you come from?" I demanded. I peered through the door in which Daniel opened and noticed it led to their own room. What the hell? This shouldn't be allowed.

"How cool is this?" Daniel smiled.

"Hey guys," said Kyle as he walked in through the same door.

There better be a lock on that door. If not, we'd have to barricade it. I don't want Daniel, Kyle or any of the guys randomly walk into the room like they owned the place. What if they walked in while we were sleeping?

That was too creepy. No.

"Cool that our rooms are beside each other," Kyle then said.

It wasn't cool. It was very uncool. Well, look at the bright side, Ellie. At least it wasn't Beth's room. Who knows what she'd do if she had access to my room? I was more terrified of her than I was of Daniel's mischief.

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