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"I don't know why I have to come with you," Daniel groaned as he leaned his head back against the chair. One of the ladies held my hand as she filed my nails just after she finished cleaning them and scrubbed my feet.

It felt funny having someone scrub my feet. It tickled a lot. I had to hold onto the arm rest tightly and have my mouth closed tightly to prevent myself from laughing and jerking.

I dragged Daniel to go with me today so I wouldn't have to be alone. I asked Mia to join but she had other plans, unfortunately.

"Because you love me," I smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah, right," he replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

I returned my attention back to the woman. She was a little rough when she was filing. It did hurt a little. But I was too afraid to complain. I heard only bad things whenever someone complained. A little pain was short lived.

Daniel managed to cancel the 'date' with Kyle this weekend, so Daniel didn't have to stalk us. I mean I only managed to do it because I promised him I would if he agreed to come to the shops with me today.

I felt bad that I had to cancel but Daniel didn't seem to mind it at all. He actually seemed rather pleased. For some reason, I hoped that he wouldn't make such a big deal out of it. But the fact he did confirmed that he doesn't approve the idea of me being with Kyle. He still thought lowly of me.

"Can we go home after this?" he asked looking at me, his lips pouted dramatically. While I don't like shopping either, I was finding his discomfort amusing. It was like revenge after he forced me to go to a party.

But today, I was also planning on buying a name brand. I haven't decided what yet, and I think that only made Daniel more irritated because that meant we were likely going to be in the shops longer than he hoped.

"No. I need to buy one more thing and then you can drop me off and go wherever you like," I told Daniel.

Daniel groaned and leaned his head back. I tried not laughing knowing full well that Daniel would only complain more. The woman was now wiping my fingers before she applied the base nail polish. Daniel pulled out his phone and I could hear him playing Angry Birds.

"You still play that game?" I asked remembering how long ago that came out. As his typical response, he rolled his eyes. He ignored me and continued playing.

After the woman finished applying the nail polish, she stood up and headed to the cashier. I followed behind and paid for the manicure and pedicure.

Okay, I could finally say that I got a Mani Pedi. Have to admit though, it wasn't bad. If I ignored the ticklish feet, it was actually comfortable. Like a massage.

Daniel seemed to be more than relieved when we got out of the nail salon. He acted like a six year old boy who was being dragged to go shopping with his mum.

"If you really want to go, you can. I can call someone to pick me up later," I said.

Daniel's eyes moved to mine, and it lingered there for a moment as if he was studying my eyes. As if he was trying to figure out if this was a test. A smile appeared on his lips before he put an arm around my shoulder, and we continued walking down at some random direction.

Why is he being weird?

"How about I go check out some other store while you do whatever you want and call me when you're done. We can meet up at the food court," he suggested.

"Sounds fair," I agreed.

At least he wouldn't be complaining anymore. Daniel grinned before he suddenly headed another direction. I went into another shop that displayed perfume at the front of the store. I hadn't decided what name brand I wanted. I went into all the stores I heard of like Gucci and Givenchy, but the price tag scared me that I ran out immediately. Eventually, I went into Myers and ended up buying a Versace perfume. It was within my budget, I liked the smell which I couldn't exactly describe with anything I know, but it wasn't too strong.

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