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I opened my eyes. I was in my room. My eyes stung from the sudden brightness of the room and my head throbbed with the impossible pain of a headache. What happened? I sat up and I immediately regretted it. What was wrong with my head?

I looked at the side table and the time was twelve in the afternoon. There was a glass of water right beside my alarm clock. I took the water and cautiously drank it.

"Look who's awake," dad said. He was standing at the door of my bedroom, presenting me with a not-so-genuine smile while crossing his arms.

Oh no. Was I drunk last night? I closed my eyes trying to remember the events of the night before. Daniel picked me up from work, forced me to go to a party, and then... Beth. That conversation definitely did not end well. I cleared my throat as I remembered the words she said.

I'm such an idiot. I shouldn't have let her words get to me so much. What she said wasn't true.

"Do you have anything to say?"

"I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

Dad pursed his lips. "Ellie, give me a break. This is finally my chance to be a disappointed father and you're ruining it," dad whined. I frowned as I looked at him.

What was happening right now?

"You know how long I've been waiting for this moment?"

What? "Did you not want me to apologise?" I couldn't comprehend what I was hearing right now. How drunk was I? Was I still drunk?

"Yes!" he answered. "You were always such a goody-two-show and it's a bit boring.

"You know what, I'm every parents' dream—I'm the dream child," I complained, placing a hand over my chest.

"Maybe. But my dream child is a delinquent."


"What? You're a great kid, Ells, and I'm really lucky to have you. But seriously, this is a dream come true. You did it and I'm so proud," he replied. "Now act sad."

"Is this the moment where you are finally honoured the opportunity to ground me?" I asked sighing.

Dad chuckled giddily. "Yes, I've been waiting for this moment," he said. He stood up straight and cleared his throat. "Elizabeth Scott, you are grounded! Go to your room!"

"I'm already in my room," I groaned.

"Don't ruin it," he mumbled.

I rolled my eyes though it hurt. "Oh my God, dad! Stop ruining my life! You're such a dictator," I dramatically whined. This would be the exact moment where Mia would complain that I had an easy life.

Dad grinned with such pride and I closed my eyes, forcing the pain out of my head. But it wasn't working.

"Can you do something about the pain?"

"No. You drank alcohol while underage. This is your punishment."

I groaned.

"But seriously though, if I catch you drinking underage one more time, I'm going to lock you up in a tower until your fifty."

I closed my eyes again, hoping that the pain would go away but it only managed to reduce by a little. I heard my phone buzz and I groaned, stirring in bed to pick up my phone again. I squinted at the screen noting I got a text message from Daniel.

'You are a very clingy drunk,' it said.

What was he talking about? Another messaged popped up.

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