Chapter 12 (HA! Got ya)

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10 years later....

Ash's POV

I found this guy in the unova region,we Hit it off great,he liked all the same interests as me,he had an umbreon too and he was incredibly kind. His name is Alex glade

Around our 3 month mark,he moved in and everything started to fall into place but all the while my mind couldn't help but think about Gary. What's he doing? Who's he dating? How's life for him?.

While pondering these questions,I felt a note fall into my lap "hey babe,a letter just arrived and it said that its addressed to you" "oh! Thanks Alex" I say as I gently kiss his lips. I wondering what this could be about, probably another bi-yearly checkup. When I opened the letter it read:

Dear Ash

How are you? Are you doing good? How is professor oak? Is he good? Anyways,you have been invited to the wedding of Gary oak and Cameron Briggs.

I was speechless, I thought he hated my guts, I said such awful words, why in the world would he invite me. All these questions ran around my brain but before I could sit, Alex grabbed my arm to pull me to the car

"what are we doing babe"
"something we should have done along time ago"

oh god I'm scared he going to kill me "so what are we doing exactly?" "We're going to get married" "WHAT?! WHY?!?!?!?!" "Because we love each other so so so so much and I just know it's going to work out....that and we're getting to the age where we need to get married and all of my friends are getting married and-" "so why do we have to rush things. Who's getting married babe?" "Cameron Briggs is marrying some guy named Gary oak?" "That Cameron" "how do you know Cameron" he says with a puzzled expression "because I might or might not know who he marrying" I says half curled up in the corner "oh really?" He replies,slightly surprised "yeah....we dated for a while" the car was silent "do you still love him?" "Na, I got over him. Toke some time, but I am over him. You're the only person I want to love" I reinstate kissing him on the cheek "That's great to know; ya know,I used to date Cameron" "do you still love him" "of course not babe,how can I love anyone more than you" we giggle.

After a long chat about when we dated each other's friends significant other,he turned the car around to go home. I really think I'm going to love Alex for a long time....

There ya go,is ya thirst quenched.

Well anyways lovelies, have a great day, I'll see you next time I make a new chapter

Also sorry I changed the name around, it just made more sense to the idea I have in my head

😜😜 byyye

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