Chapter 6

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As soon as the doctor said that my mum was going to be alright and that she was going to make a full recovery I almost threw up but I did faint into my chair (thank you chair).when I woke up the next morning all I could hear was Gary whispering into my ear those dreaded words that I never wanted to hear again "I love you" over and over again,when I was fully aware of my environment I pushed Gary off me and told him to go away and that I never wanted to see him again(even though we go to the same high school).he agreed to go but on one condition and the condition was that I make him one promise,to find my true love,as he said those words I felt anger pour into my bloodstream but at the same time I felt quite upset because I realized that he was my true love,he was the reason I'm here today,he was my everything, and I can't believe that I hadn't figured out that until now.As Gary was about to leave,I had pulled him into my arms and kissed his soft,warm,moist lips.

Gary POV

What!,what's happening,he's kissing me "I thought you hated me,ash" and he just kissed me again,I think it was to shut me up,so I just kissed him back but only instead I had asked for my tongue to enter his cavern...

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