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Gary POV

When I finally got to the hospital a ran up to ash with him being in a crying state and hugged him,but when I did he started to laugh demonically,when this happened I woke up to ash sleeping with a slow and steady kind-of snore and because I didn't want to wake ash up I just went back to sleep when I thought about this my sub-conscious decided that this would be a good time to pee,just great now I need to go,not when I wanted to go before bed.I slowly pulled open the sheets but by doing so I woke up ash so I just told him that he doesn't have to worry and that he can just go to bed but he refused so we got up and went to the living room mostly because ashes mom was out to town so when we got to the living room we turned on the tv and noticed the best horror movie ever was on,nightmare on elm street,when the first person death came along ash jumped with what I thought was the biggest scream I have ever seen and so he cuddled up to me


I was so happy that Gary was with me when we went into the living room because nightmare on elm street was on and the blood and gore and deaths were super scary so we just turned off the movie Gary got a blanket and we just snuggled up to each other and fell asleep with my head on his fit and decirable chest and his head on my the back of the couch.the next morning I woke up to a really shit scary scream and I intended to find out what it was....


There you go guy and gals,dudes and dudets chapter 3,im so sorry it toke so long to did it but was unable to publish because of the wifi been down well anyways there you go will be posting hopefully in up to 6days bye :)

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