Chapter 8

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Gary POV

As soon as I got home I went to the kitchen and got out the knife,but unfortunately my mum was in the same room and rudely ask "what do you think your doing with that knife,we have to use that for dinner" and with the an angry expression,I mumbled the most hurtful of words that made my mum take the knife out of my hand,and ask what the matter was,she sat me on the couch and asked me again with a more demanding tone of voice.As I had told her the story,She just sat with her jaw on the floor,but when I told her that I didn't even remember asking her out she just stood up and ever so awkwardly said "we are going to Mistys house and force her to tell ash that she was only doing that to split you two up" and I just replied with a quick "thank you mum"


The next day as I was walking down to professor oaks lab I ran into misty,even though we knew that he was playing us both we kinda bonded over that fact.when we were about to start the convo,I heard Gary shouting at the top of his lung,so hard I thought that he was going to explode say and I quote "I love you ash,and I don't care knows it,oh by the way I don't even remember going out with misty,because remember,I'm gay,not bi".As he had finished I swiftly looked to misty,and as I did this she,awkwardly ran down the road but was easily caught.

Misty POV

I remember the first thing that was running throught my mind was "how did ash get so fast" as I was explaining it to ash and Gary.they randomly stopped me from talking and asked me why I tried to split them up,only to answer with a quick "because I want ash all to myself,and I don't even think that Gary is good for ash"

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