Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 - Ross POV

I was in my bedroom when a girl texted me with a naked photo. I knew what this meant. I grabbed a few condoms and got out from the window.

I drove till her house and Jacky opened her window.

"Hey Ross. Ready?"

"I am very ready" I smiled.

I pushed her to the wall when she unbuttons my collar and she takes off her tee while she kisses me intensly. We were on the bed...


Shit, its 3am. I grabbed my keys and grabbed my clothes. I ran out.

I drive really fast when the police stops me.

"Holy fuck I'm about to get arrested. I got no license."

"License please sir." the police said.

"Hahaha. Um well the problem is that I don't have it" I say.

"Well, than we have a problem." the police says.

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