Chapter 5

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Veronica's POV

Ross touched me around the waist. It felt so uncomfortable and I paniced and ran out. Omg. This is so weird. While I stay in the bathroom for a long time, I went out and went to my dorm. I heared Ross was doing something. Through the little window, I saw he was doing sex with one of the sluts. I felt kinda jealous cause I started to like him...

"Oh oh yeah" Ross said.

The girl got up from the bed so I turned on the TV in my room.

"Let's do it again some other time."

"Sure." Ross said naked just with his boxers but his abs were showing. I gotta admit, he looked pretty hot.

"Hey Veronica. So what's up?" he said like he knows something.

"I sa- heard you doing sex with a slut."

"Sorry." He smirked.

"Do you so this with every girl. Do it then leave 'em?"

"Yup. That is how it works."

"Okay, I guess. Well, we need to sleep."



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