Chapter 18

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Veronica's POV

"Hey baby!" Owen said. It has been five months in coma. He kissed me. I felt like an electrical spark in me. I slowly opened my eyes.

"Y-your awake!!" Owen yelled.

I smiled and nodded. I was finally awake!!

"DOCTORS!" he screamed.

I was finally awake!! Yay!! I'm so pumped!!

"You can go home with her tonight, okay?" the doctor said.

"Hi doctor!" I said, weakly.

"I'm a teen doctor. Call me Avery. (new character!! Contest winner!!)" she said.

We had a small girl talk while Owen was crying into the phone but with tears of joy! He is so emotional!!

"Baby! Your finally back!" he said hugging me.

"Can't...breath..." I said.

He pulled back and kissed me several times on my lips...

Ross's POV

My phone rang. I was all teared up and shirtless...just crying...

"Hey skunk bag. Ver, MY girlfriend is awake." Owen said emphasizing the my.

"Seriously?" I cried.

"Yeah. Now hurry up soul crusher." He said, shattering my heart into millions of pieces.

Wait!?!? Why am I acting like this?!? I'm a bad boy, not a soft gay! I ain't going.

"Nope." I said into the phone and hang up fast.

Did I just do the right thing...or not?

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