Chapter 6

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Ross's POV

Does Veronica even know me? I don't sleep! I party all night! I put on my best V-neck and a leather jacket with some tight jeans and red and white high tops. I crawled out the window. The party was at Dhanna's room and it was awesome. I drank some beer and stuff. But you know why I say 'stuff'? Because I lost my memory.

I opened my eyes and I am on my bed with a wrap on my leg and a cuts everywhere around my body. I heard some whistiling so I thought it was Veronica. How could I be wrong?

I opened the fridge and drank a few Bud light beers. I got drunk...

Veronica's POV

I saw Ross unbalancing himself and muttered things.

"Hey sexie." he said

I blushed.

I forgot I had no clothes on just a collar. No underwear or pants. Ross came up to me and touched my waist and got nearer and nearer to my ass. Ross unbuttoned my shirt and took it off.

I slapped Ross.


"What the heck?" Ross said.

"Follow me Ross." I said making a plan.

"Lay down!"

After a few hours pass, I went to his room.

I slammed the door in his face for no reason.

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