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It was after dinner , mom and dad were having their usual argument at the dining room .

I sat on the balcony ground , and watched the next balcony , I wasn't scare anymore , and I thought it was stupid to believe something like this .

From my view here , there was a boy working around on the balcony .

The balcony was filled with various plants and flowers , and table set between the plants .

This wasn't the first time I stared at him working anymore , I remembered one time when he waved his hand at me , motioned me to come there .

I walked away after that , I was scared , I didn't want to get slaughter , and mom said I should stay away from it .

I looked up from the ground and saw him again , waving at me .

But I didn't walk away this time , instead I stood up from the ground and proceeded toward the metal gate , found it unlocked from his side .

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