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" I've been noticing you since last month , it's always boring to sit here alone , that's why I called you here , and we can keep each other company , aren't you lonely there too ?" He said .

" Sometimes maybe ? What's wrong being alone ? I'm happy to have my own space though ..." I reply .

" Oh you love being alone ? So what do you do when you have your own space ?" He asked with his head tilted to the side .

I was taken aback by his enthusiasm when he talked to me , it was like he wanted to know whatever about me ...

" I don't know ? But I enjoy the presence of no one ."

He raised his eyebrows and nodded his head . Silence roamed between us and I glanced at him , he was looking at the sky , with that signature smile I've seen a lot just for 20 minutes ...

I raised my head to watch the sky with him , no stars appeared tonight , the sky was nothing but just a dark background ...

" What happened in your school today (Y/N) ?" He asked out of the blue , turned back to me again .

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