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Jhope and I stayed like this for a long time , we shared our thoughts and bullshits in that small space .

The things that kept happening at my school , the arguments between my parents and a lot of other stuffs became stories I told him .

He often told me a lot about his past too , he was a tennis player in his high school, but he obsessed with dance afterward .

The teas and the handmade cookies he offered me had become my obsession , listened to his stories and watched him in his knitted jacket became a daily life of mine .

He was the highlight of my bored life , every minute we spent together were comfortable , he made me feel wanted and I felt like that space is where I belong .

" He only focused on the two drops of oil on the spoon and didn't notice the expensive stuffs around him along the way ." He said lively with funny expressions .

" Then ?" I interrupted him excitedly .

" So all he got was the two drops of oil and the spoon , nothing else ." He ended his story with a satisfied smile .

" That's it ? Come on ..." I groaned in annoyance .

Jhope took a bite of the chocolate chips cookie and snapped at me with an unhappy look .

" Hey ! Don't you get to learn a lot of things from this story ?" He rolled his eyes at me and said .

Always like this , he was very playful and it cherished my life .

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