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" Why didn't you defend yourself ?" He asked .

" Because I did play truant ..." I muttered , silently blamed myself for the mistake I've made .

" That's my girl there ." He drawled and clapped his hands twice .

I raised my head up and saw him making a proud face , looked kinda funny .

" Stop it , you're sounding like my dad ." I slapped his hand and huffed .

" It's just the unfairness , it's too much , I'm disgusted that I once best friend with them , it's just disgusting ." I murmured angrily , I felt my blood boiling inside , ready to burst out .

Jhope stared at me with no words coming out from him , he watched me talking to myself , and slowly scanned through my words .

" If it's about unfairness then we can do nothing , the world is about prey and predator , the weak one is always the one to suffer , so we can't control this ecosystem between humans ..."

He spoke , I listened to his words quietly and found it meaningful but ridiculous at the same time .

" At lease it's fair in this room ." He whispered at this part under his breath , sounded like he was talking to himself .

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