Chapter 7

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Thank you, everyone, for being patient with me and here is the next chapter.


'I'm gonna catch you bumbles!'

'Catch me if you can Skyblast.'
'I'm sorry Optimus, Elita but there was nothing I could do to save him.'
'Sire. Carrier. What's wrong? Where's Storm?'

Seeing all of these different things flash before her, SB tried to grasp onto at least one of these visions or memory.

'Don't worry Sire, Bumblebee and I are just scouting the area for any Decepticon activity.' Reassured a feminine bot, her bright blue eyes looking up at someone in front of her.

'I know but I can't help but worry about you Skyblast after your carrier just disappeared.' Rumbled a deep voice, sounding very familiar to SB.

'I get it and I promise that both Bee and I will stay safe and make sure we stay undetected.' Promised Skyblast, giving her Sire a reassuring smile.

'And I'll make sure that she stays out of trouble.' Teased a yellow mech, coming up from behind Skyblast earning a small jump and a backhand slap to the chest.

'Don't do that.' She growled playfully, only for the yellow mech to laugh in amusement.

'Skyblast to Autobot base! Come in Autobot base, Bumblebee and I are under attack by Decepticon forces requesting immediate reinforcements!' Yelled Skyblast, two of her fingers pressing into the right side of her helm as she fired her cannons at the oncoming enemies.

With her second hand, free; Skyblast turned it into an exact replica as the other canon, the left side of her shoulder shifting into a miniature machine gun, fired at any red-eye Deceptacreeps sneaking their way behind her.

The Sound of her teammate choking to death, caused Skyblast to completely lose her concentration, giving enough time for any pursuing Decepticons to jump on her and detain her and lock down her weapons.

With her hands bound, Skyblast was forced to kneel in front of the warmonger himself. Megatron. The sly greasy glitch grinned down at her with a malicious grin, as he still had a firm and tight grip around Bumblebee's throat, crushing it slowly and very painfully.

'Ah, Skyblast. My dear niece, it's been a while, hasn't it? How have you been?' He asked, still holding her partner by his throat.

'It's been a while, the last time I saw you was when you killed my sparkling brother Storm.' She sneered, lunging forward at Megatron, her servos out reached only to be snatched back.

Falling back on her knees, Skyblast slowly faced her uncle again but this time her optics changed from bright blue to white with red surrounding the middle as she glared at him.

Seeing this, Megatron let out a whole hearty roar of laughter causing a few Decepticons to join in though not really knowing why or what they were laughing about.

Looking confused Skyblast turned her head around hoping that at least one of them would fill her in on what was so funny.

Before she could ask what was so funny, the sound of metal being crushed and her partner Bumblebee wheezing out in pain causing her to thrash about, desperately trying to escape her captors. Something deep inside her spark told her that she needed to protect him and vice-versa.

'No Bumblebee!' She screamed, only to be cut off as something was shoved into her tanks. Looking down, Skyblast saw the tip of a sword sticking out of her tanks. Feeling energon pouring out of her dermas (Mouth/teeth.), Skyblast body slowly slid forward, the sound of the metal sword sliding out of her body as she hit the ground. A pool of energon slowly forming around her.

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