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Hahaha, I got you guys but here's the deal I'm not quitting on my stories so don't freak out, I'm still going to write because I love it.

Now the real reason why I got your attention is that I'm helping out someone in my family; my cousin. He and I get along really well that we help each other out with things such as me with a monster drawing that I couldn't do and he did for me (It was a Zombie one and now it belongs to me) so being the amazing cousin that I am with him by my side, I'm here to promote his amazing and mind-boggling page.

Here is the link:

And what his account look like is up above, also here is a little Bio about him.

'The DandyMan page is where Demons, Monsters and the undead come to life, presenting a wide arrangement of unique characters and creations for you to love and enjoy and even at times buy, as you can guess, Demons, Monsters and Undead are my 3 favourite genres but I will create just about anything that comes into my mind. I have all manner of designs, feel free to take a look and always feel free to send me a note, I'm chill! ;P '

There you have it guys the bio, I hope you guys can check it out, I always love seeing what new things he has created and as always have a lovely day my lovelies.

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