Chapter 10

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The two were transported to sector Seven as they were continuously sprayed with cold nitrogen to keep them under until they arrived. The rest of the Autobots watched what's happening to their two scouts, their sparks beating sadly that their long-lost friend is being taken away from them again.

Transforming Jazz told the others to hang back and climb down to Optimus. "Optimus, are we just gonna stand here and do nothing?" Jazz questioned.

"There's no way to free my daughter and Bumblebee without harming the humans." Optimus declared sadly, watching as the humans loaded Bumblebee and Skyblast into a truck trailer.

"But it's not right. They..." Started Jazz but was interjected by Optimus.

"Let them leave." He humbly, locating the glasses that we're dropped by Sam and recovering them.

Several hours later, Skyblast woke to her strapped to a large mental table encased in a large transparent cube. Scientists surrounding either her or on her box; Poking and prodding her painfully causing Skyblast to scream in pain when a giant pull of electricity went straight through her body.

"Bumblebee!" She screamed, struggling in her restraints.

Autio receptors picking up panic and angry whine coming, the moment Skyblast called out his name. Her spark painfully thumbing in her chest plate and pulling in a random direction.

Having a moment to regain energy, Skyblast fought in staying conscious a little longer as she racked her brain in why her spark hurt until only one thing popped in her mind. 'Sparkmate' she realised.

Now pulling harder with her restraints Skyblast was successful in freeing her left servo but in doing this alerted everyone around her into action, troops surrounding her and spraying more nitrogen in order to contain her. Skyblast vision slowly going dark again before passing out for the second time that day.


Slowly regaining consciousness again, her optics struggling to focus on her surroundings; most of it being obscured by a yellow body as it held her close. The sound of muffled screaming being captured.

Blinking away the fogginess, Skyblast came face to chest of Bumblebee holding her close to him and pointing a cannon towards the scientists that were surrounding her. Sam yelling at the sector Seven people to back away from them.

Looking back up at Bee, Skyblast mumbled something that only Bee caught which caused his spark to soar. "Sparkmate."

Tho9se words alone made Bee's spark jolt in pure happiness, knowing that his future mate is the femme that he loves and adores so much.

"Hey, leave my sister alone!" Screamed a familiar voice.

"Sam?" Questioned Skyblast, looking among the large number of humans. "Sam!"


Seeing her brother, Skyblast happily scooped up Sam in her servos and put him up to her faceplate. "Are you ok, that fucker didn't hurt you or Mikaela, right?"

"No, no, I'm fine SB." Reassured Sam. "Are you ok? They didn't hurt you right?"

"I'm doing a body analysis right now, but everything checks out."

"Ok that's good, now can you get Bee to put away the cannon please." Pleaded Sam, looking over Skyblast's shoulder at Bumblebee who still aimed his cannon at everyone.

Using her free servo, Skyblast gently lowered Bee's arm, causing the young mech to look at her lovingly and agree to follow.

"Great now I need you both to listen to me all right. The cube is here and the Decepticons are coming." Sam explained.

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