Transformers Chapter 4: Revenge of the Fallen.

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The following day, the group drove back into the city in search of this Robo-warrior; Bee in the lead with the help of Leo being the guide and Skyblast bringing up the rear.

She listens in to the conversation of Leo explaining himself about these robo-warriors.

"This guy, Robo-warrior, everything about anything aliens, he's supposed to know," Leo explained to them all. "One time we revenge- hacked his site and maybe. I saw some of your alien drawings or whatever."

"What do you mean maybe?" Skyblast spoke up, ducking down another street. "Either you did or didn't."

"I don't know you'll have to see them to know what I mean."

Rolling her optics subconsciously, Skyblast parked across the road where Bee, Mudflap and Skids were. Her hologram form, stepping out and adjusting her jacket before joining the others. She snorted when she saw Sam place a cap on his head as a source of disguise.

She watched Leo look around the area before confirming. "This is it. Yep."

"Deli, good front." Sam muttered.

"Can they be any more obvious," Skyblast grumbled walking into the deli after Leo.

The fresh stench of raw meat, fish and blood filled her nose, causing her to cringe at it all. She snapped her head over to the left side of the shop, her eyes widening at the familiar face.

"Number 42, we got you Kishka, knish kasha-varnishka and Kreplach combo right here." Yelled the man facing the front. "Cash only. Who's next?"

"Scrap, it's that wacko from before." She whispered, ducking to the opposite side of the shop, pretending to be interested in what was on the shelves while keeping an eye on Simmons.

She watched as a woman came up to him scolding him. "I told you to cure the lox in the brim and then smoke it."

"Ma, you want me to cut my hand off or what?"' Simmons argued back, his mother retaliating.

"You... you ruined a beautiful piece of fish, you retard." (Mind you, that this is in the movie, do not take any offence to it.)

'She called him a what now?' Shocked to hear a mother call their child that, Skyblast's eyes were wide for a moment, relaxing her face in going back to neutral.

Simmons persisted in snapping back at his mother with an odd excuse. "I'm like a ninja with a blade. It's an art form."

The woman snapped and grouched at her son, while Skyblast went to the other side near Leo now observing all the items in the window. From the corner of her eye, she watched Simmons slapping a man's hand.

"Hey, Sal. Watch your reach, huh?" Simmons said, before pointing over to Leo. "Take a number young man."

"Robo-warrior?" Leo stated, walking up closer to him. "Know him?"

"I never heard of him." Simmons firmly said, walking away from him.

"Bullshit," Skyblast announced, standing tall with her arms crossed, looking at him.

Leo joined her side, jumping in before Simmons could growl at her. "You never heard of"

This brought Simmons away from Skyblast and back to him, walking away from the two while groaning out. "You must be talking about that amateur-hour blog operation with game boy-level security."

Skyblast muffled a snicker as she mentally agreed about the level of security that the sight had, making it too easy for her to duck in and change things around. Especially swapping a video of her transforming and replacing it with a video of Mars cat, telling viewers to take it to their feeders.

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